10 Advantages of LED Stadium Lights vs Traditional Lighting Solutions

1) Better Lifespan

Stadiums that use halogen lights can last up to 2,000 hours. Meanwhile, stadiums that exclusively use LED lights can last up to a whopping 150,000 hours. This makes a massive difference in illumination longevity. This is partial because of their sturdier structure. They are nowhere near as fragile as an incandescent light bulb is. Even if one were to drop, it would not break (unless you drop it 3 floors down).

2) It Heats the Area Less

Since LED light bulbs use energy more efficiently, they do not release anywhere near the amount of heat that incandescent lights do. Even though it is a myth that LED lights do not produce any heat (due to the inefficiency of the semiconductor processor), they still produce significantly less than any of their counterparts. Considering you don’t need to use an air conditioner nearly as frequently with less heat being created due to LED lights, you will be saving energy and reducing heat emissions. Especially when you compare them to the heat generated by metal halide lighting, as they are known for raising the temperature significantly, even causing a sharp increase in the chance of a fire occurring.

3) The Brightness is the Same

The brightness that LED lights can exhibit is more or less on par with HID lights. Back in the day, you didn’t have much of a choice, it was halogen lights or no lights. When LED lights started developing, they offered way smaller brightness, but speed forward to 2022 and they are even better at illuminating than HID lights are. HID lights consume around 100 watts per hour while illuminating an area, meanwhile LED lights consume only a third of that! LED lights consume 30 watts per hour. This makes them a very profitable alternative as well, as you will be saving noticeable expenses even when as little as a month has passed. Adjusting for the optimal experience for the players and the fans is the best way of running a successful business and an enjoyable game for all.

4) It Doesn’t Use Any Mercury

A lot of concern is made regarding the use of mercury in these light bulbs. Rest assured, LED lights, unlike their CFL counterparts, do not contain any traces of mercury. This means that they are always safe for disposal.

5) They Help Those With Photoreactive Illness

Considering photoreactive illness is not too uncommon of a disease, having this added benefit of lowering the chance of a seizure occurring during a game is always a welcomed change for any activity, especially for a game in a stadium that can host thousands of people.

So, if you want to show both the players and the fans that you care, consider getting LED sport lighting.

6) They are Better for the Environment

As we have previously mentioned, LED lights do not have any traces of mercury, and they last a lot longer (which means a lot fewer lights need to be thrown away). This makes them a much more eco-friendly option as a source of illumination for big sports events. The fact that they don’t require special handling for their safe disposal is a big bonus since there is no risk of the person doing the disposing risking any health problems.

7) They Have a Much Better Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index (or CRI for short) is a measurement of a light’s ability to show the actual color of an object in comparison to “an ideal light source”. And this is where LED lights shine. They have a notably high CRI index, which allows people to see colors in greater detail that are truer to the actual nature of said objects. It might not mean a lot to some, but it really is a beautiful thing to realize.

8) They Cause No UV Radiation

There has been a lot of talking regarding the safety of light bulbs and the amount of UV radiation that they cause. And rightfully so, UV radiation has the potential of causing blinding eye disease, cancer, and numerous other health issues if overly exposed to it.

9) They are Cheaper to Use

Money is always a big driving factor for any change. When you are gearing up a stadium, you should keep in mind that LED lights, even though are initially more expensive, will undoubtedly save you money in the long run due to their incredible energy efficiency. And for such a large property, such as a stadium, where you will need an enormous amount of light bulbs, using LED lights will save you a small fortune in electric bills.

10) They Have the Possibility of an Instant Switch-Off

This is more of a good bonus of LED lights. The moment you turn them on, poof, they are on. No waiting period, they just turn on and off instantaneously. This means you don’t have to plan for a warm-up period to illuminate the area. You can turn them on and the deed is done.