WOTLK leveling boost 1-80 in World of Warcraft

World of expansion released Wrath of the Lich King. The maximum level of characters has increased to 80. There is a new location Northrend, dungeons, raids, achievements and much more. Game content in WoW is divided into PVP and PVE content, but in any case, when creating a new character, it must be pumped from level 1 to level 80.Studio Blizzard offers a special token that increases level to 70, the remaining 10 must be obtained in a new location. But it is much more expensive compared to boosting.
Boosting is a paid service for gold or money by another player who performs the main work for the owner of the character:

1)- pumping the hero to the maximum level;
2)- extraction of weapons, armor, accessories;
3)- obtaining the required rating in PVP;
4)- development of professions and extraction of resources;
5)- opening difficult achievements and rare mounts.

You wotlk lvl boost on a third-party site, since advertising is prohibited inside the game itself. Purchasing certain services with gold in World of Warcraft is allowed. Boosters guarantee high-quality order fulfillment. They will not receive the money until the customer has checked the work and confirmed that everything is done. At this stage, a third-party service acts as an intermediary and controls the execution of work.

Major changes in leveling in wotlk classic

Unlike the classic version, the developer decided to make some changes that greatly simplified character development for beginners: the
amount of experience required from level 60 to level 70 has been reduced;
experience is now accrued on the battlefields;
mobs are weakened;
the cost of riding training has been reduced, the price of initial mounts has been reduced;
Heirloom items that give a bonus to experience can be bought by the main characters of level 80 for alts.
Many missions no longer require help from other players. You can kill the bosses alone, and their respawn is significantly accelerated so that there are no queues.

Popular Leveling Methods wow wotlk

The easiest way to level up in WoW is to complete quests. You just go through the starting locations by completing any quests. NPCs guide you from one point to another. It’s impossible to get lost. And in each new town or camp there will always be queststhat give experience, equipment or gold. Tasks are not tied to time, so you can pause at any time.

The next way to level up is dungeons. They are more effective than quests, because they give more experience and equipment that is much higher in performance than the standard one. The tricky part is finding a solid group of 5 people to dedicate many hours to clearing the same dungeons for a quick expo.

Grinding is another way to level up a character, which consists in the methodical destruction of a pack mobs in one place. It is necessary to choose a zone where NPCs have a fast respawn. Even better, if they drop valuable items like BOE, which can be sold for gold at the auction.

In order not to go crazy from repeating the same actions, it is recommended to alternate these methods. At the very beginning, it is better to devote time to quests. When the character is dressed in medium equipment, you can look for party and go to several dungeons. At the end, you can choose a place and grind mobs, since this task does not require much effort.

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