What To Look For While Choosing Headphones

The choice of headphones for games and movies is an extremely crucial moment. The quality of the sound you will hear in the coming years depends on the model you choose. And if you do not know what to look for, then here we have tried to help you.

Various parameters are key factors while choosing headphones:

  • Size and type of cups
  • Availability of additional features or specialized software
  • Connection methods
  • The weight
  • Devices to which the headphones can be connected

Cup size and type

This criterion, although quite simple, is still quite individual. Our ears and skull sizes are different, which means that some headphones may fit comfortably on your friend’s head, but they will begin to bring discomfort to you after 30 minutes. That is why the best choice would be to go to the store, where you can try on the model you like and determine whether it suits you personally.
But in general, if you want to sit at games for a really long time and at the same time get exceptional pleasure, then look for full-size soundcore q30 black friday headsets with open-type ear cushions. They will provide maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. And if you wear glasses and do not want the headphones to press their darlings into your skull, then you should even consider the open type.
If you are primarily concerned about noise isolation and excellent sound quality and purity, in this case, choose a headset with closed-type ear cushions. Yes, the vast majority of people will begin to feel uncomfortable in an hour, however, as mentioned above, isolation from external sounds will significantly, if not improve the overall sound quality, then at least make the process of content consumption much more comfortable. But keep in mind that you will have to give your ears a rest every couple of hours.

And yes, pay attention to the diameter of the cups. The larger your ear, the larger diameter you need. Also pay attention to what exactly the ear pads are covered with. If it is leatherette, then there is a high probability that after a couple of months it will begin to climb and fall off. Of course, leatherette can be of high quality, and in this case everything is fine, but expensive models often use leather or fabric, which is an excellent, reliable and convenient choice.

Connection methods

The most common connection type is the 3.5mm jack, which, despite its popularity, is not the best choice for serious gamers. However, it all depends on the manufacturer. The best choice is USB 3.1, USB 3.2, USB-C, adapter connection, and Bluetooth. However, 3.5 mm connection should not be scared. It means versatility in connection.
And yes, you should not be afraid of Bluetooth headphones either, because today they are really no worse than wired ones. On the contrary, they have a lot of advantages, but only if the connection provides at least Bluetooth 5.1. And don’t worry about delays. If you take a quality model from a trusted manufacturer, then you will not encounter any delay.

The weight

Choosing headphones by weight is the easiest, because the smaller it is, the better. The lighter the headphones, the longer you can sit in them, because the load on your neck with your ears depends on the weight. And besides, feeling the heaviness on your head for a long time is extremely unpleasant. So, the lighter the headset, the better. However, the most technological options still weigh a lot, and you should be prepared for this.

Devices that the headphones can be connected to

This is an extremely important point if you want to connect your headset not only to a PC, but also to a console. The fact is that not all headphones can be connected to consoles. And if in the case of wired headphones this problem can be somehow solved, then with a Bluetooth headset everything is much more complicated. Exclusively certified, designed specifically to interface with consoles, headphones can connect to them wirelessly. Most often, this information is indicated on the box.

Availability of additional features or specialized software

Due to the fact that gaming devices and accessories are the most technically advanced, manufacturers release special software with which we can customize anything. And when choosing good gaming headphones, this is also worth paying attention to. If the headset has its own PC app, then you can be sure that you can adjust almost every aspect that can be changed, from the depth of the bass to the lighting.