Best Ruby on Rails IDEs and Text Editors for Web Development

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web development framework developed in the Ruby programming language. Under the MIT license, it is an open-source web app framework. Model-view-controller architecture is the basis of Rails. The users can access web pages, online services, and databases using their default structures. Rails support a few web standards, including XML, JSON, and HTML for user interface and web page display.

The code writer, publish automated tool, and debugger are the three components of the IDE, providing developers with the best tools for software development. With Ruby on Rails IDE, a programmer can navigate through different types of code without the aid of a project. Additionally, it will provide alerts if an error occurs. Developers can easily utilize hyperlinks to traverse through the members while using an IDE.

These IDEs increase productivity by reducing setup time, speeding up development chores, educating developers on the most recent dangers and best practices, and unifying the development cycle for everyone to follow along.

Usage data for Ruby on Rails demonstrates how strong and well-liked it is as a backend platform for web development firms. Ruby on Rails is a popular choice for developers because writing code in it is simpler than in other programming languages. You can hire Ruby on Rails developer with experience in creating powerful and adaptable applications using the well-liked Ruby on Rails IDEs for web development to use the benefits of the Ruby on Rails framework fully.

Let’s look at some of the Top Ruby on Rails IDEs available in the market.

Best Ruby on Rails IDEs

Today’s market is filled with free and premium Ruby on Rails IDEs. It may take time to select the ideal one as a result. We have carefully selected and listed the top IDEs and editors for Rails development

Ruby Mine

JetBrains is a well-known business known for producing IDEs that support multiple programming languages, behind the commercial endeavour Ruby Mine. In addition to Ruby Mine, they created development tools for Python, PHP, JavaScript, C, C++, and various other languages.

RubyMine’s intelligence is by far its best quality. Due to its Git integration, Ruby Mine can run all Git commands quickly and resolve conflicts. RubyMine’s capacity to automatically finish the code and make suggestions for frequently used methods is yet another excellent feature. Coding may be edited more conveniently thanks to the local history feature. To allow programmers to undo unintended changes without opening a version control system, this feature ensures that all the record of effects on the community is kept in a document. 

Additionally, one can deploy with an integrated curriculum so that you can easily launch the server and test Web Services or APIs. This Ruby on Rails IDE’s user interface is visually pleasing and represents the changes made to the data from the previous submission.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is the most well-known and trustworthy IDE available for free download. The top Ruby on Rails editor is Visual Studio Code, which scored 9.2 out of 10 on the product review site Trust Radius. Visual Studio Code is a smart editor, like other cutting-edge IDEs. Compared to other code editors, Visual Studio Code offers more than just syntax highlighting and basic auto-completion. Its IntelliSense tool provides programmers with rapid information, member lists, and parameter information. 

Integrating with Git allows for version control management. To create products, particularly for Azure, for cloud settings. You’ll be able to deliver directly to the cloud after setting up Azure CLI, Azure CLI, and the Azure App Service packages. If you wish to alter existing Ruby on Rails IDEs and increase their functionality, there are a lot of ready-to-use extensions. To prevent the editor from lagging, the installed plugins run in a separate process. The fact that Visual Studio Code is free and available worldwide is one of its best features.

Net Beans 

Apache developed NetBeans, an IDE that is made available without charge. It was developed with Java. Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other operating systems can all be used with NetBeans. NetBeans adheres to Java’s “Write once, run everywhere” maxim. One of the greatest Ruby on Rails integrated development environments (IDEs) is NetBeans, which offers all the features required to make coding easier and more pleasurable. 

The editors automatically added the proper sets of brackets, parentheses, braces, and quote marks. Method statements, annotations, import lines, and other huge chunks of code can be hidden using the expand and collapse capabilities. The application offers an intelligent autocompletion tool to assist you in writing code more accurately and quickly. Relevance-based sorting is used to determine which coding suggestions are most appropriate.

Press the keys CTRL + Space to begin the compilation. The default shortcuts can be changed to your liking if you’re not content with them. The intelligent indications that point out issues like incomplete fields or elements in mind, errors with imports, braces, etc. correct code-related errors more accessible. 

Although simple to use, NetBeans’ user interface is practical. The code units’ support for many colour schemes makes finding keywords, fields, variables, and arguments simple.

Aptana Studio

We have Aptana Studio, the best open-source Ruby on Rails IDE for creating web apps. With almost 6 million downloads as of right now. Although Aptana Studio primarily intends to develop and debug HTML and CSS-based websites, Ruby on Rails developers may also use its plugin system to manage their code.

The automatic debugger is Aptana Studio’s main perk. The deployment wizard in Aptana Studio, which supports FTP, FTPS, Capistrano and SFTP protocols, is an additional factor that attracts developers to the software. Additionally, an integrated terminal makes it simple to accelerate the implementation of operating system tasks, such as exploring projects with numerous Git repositories.

An outline view is ideal for browsing classes by their names or methods because Aptana Studio’s user interface is straightforward yet appealing. The most painful piece of information is that Aptana Studio is no longer maintained. Aptana might not function with the most recent upgrade because it was issued three years ago, in 2018. 


So, these were some of the best Ruby on Rails IDEs available in the market. It is recommended that you do your research before opting for one. Yet if you’re not clear about which one of these mentioned IDEs to use, you can hire dedicated developers who will help you point in the right direction and help you make an informed choice based on your business requirements. 

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