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What Is The Best Way To Protect Your Garden Bed From Animals?

Raised garden beds have become a really good way of gardening these days and many people are using raised garden beds in their garden area. These garden beds have a lot of benefits over normal gardening methods. So you can easily opt for this gardening method and maximize the yield in your garden area.

However, sometimes, animals can become a great threat to your raised garden bed area. They can enter the backyard of your house and cause damage to the plants growing in your raised garden bed. So how exactly will you keep your garden bed safe from animal attacks? Well, you need not worry as here we have come up with a few easy ways by which you will be able to protect the garden bed from all kinds of animal attacks:

Design a Fence Around Your Garden Area: 

By designing a strong fence around the garden area, you can protect the animals from getting close to your raised garden bed. Make sure that the fence is made up of good quality material. The fence should also be spaced properly so the animals cannot get in. This will provide your plants with an extra layer of protection and the yield will also be quite good. You can also use some raised flower bed ideas for growing your plants.

Design a Strong Framework

It is also quite important for you to build a really strong framework for your raised garden bed area. This is going to prevent the animals from getting access to the garden bed. They will not be able to cause any kind of damage to the frameworks. As a result, the plants that are growing inside the garden bed are kept intact. They will grow really well and will also provide you with excellent yield within a very short span of time.

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Grow Suitable Plants: 

There are a lot of plants that can stop the animals from growing close to the garden area. You can consider growing such plants in your garden bed as well. Plants like marigold and lavender have got a very strong smell. This smell can prevent the animals from coming near to the plants because of which the plants are going to remain quite safe.

Increase The Height

Another way in which you can stop the animals from entering your garden bed is to create a garden bed at a sufficient height. This is going to prevent small animals and rodents from eating away the plants of your garden bed. Make sure that the garden bed is at least 12 to 14 inches high. Also, if you have got a pet at your home, then you can train the pet not to get too near to the garden bed. This can be quite helpful for you.And this is how you can protect your garden bed from animal attacks. You can also use tall galvanized planters for growing your plants in a garden bed.