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What content to publish on a Facebook business page? | 9 tips

Social networks influence the notoriety of a company. They can increase its traffic considerably or conversely reduce it to nothing if a mistake is made. Launched in 2004 by Marc Zuckerberg, the Facebook network has more than 33 million users in 2021, in France. Brands have understood that they must imperatively establish a communication strategy and take care of their e-reputation in their publications and develop via this social media. You want to acquire new customers and retain your audience? Do you need to promote yourself more, but you don’t know what content to publish on Facebook? Here are 9 tips to apply for the content of your Facebook business page to gain more followers and expand your network.

1) Pin a welcome post to their Facebook business page

From the beginning, it is essential to present your activity and your offer. The Internet user who arrives on your professional page needs to know what he will find there. You can therefore create a post presenting the company, its founders and its domain. Present the reasons for creating your brand and succinctly state your services or products. It’s time to assert your identity. Also define your values ​​and missions, this part will guide the prospect. Perhaps he will recognize himself in what he reads? If so, it will be an additional subscriber won. Do not hesitate to copywrite this first publication, that is to say to make the reader want to take an interest in your activity. The more the latter will have the impression of getting closer to his objectives and his values, the more his curiosity to know more about your offer will grow. For example, remember to mention the need you are meeting.

2) Disseminate information via the Facebook news feed

Social networks have become a form of media. Social media verification service inform millions of Internet users on a daily basis. This information, easy to share, can quickly go viral and increase your audience. Its distribution is similar to almost free advertising, except if the post is “boosted”, that is to say put forward by Facebook in return for payment. Communicating through this social network costs a business nothing, so put your business page to good use.

Wondering what type of information to write? You can share recent discoveries related to your field, offer recommendations on the use of your products and on topics related to your brand’s field. If you want to ensure the relevance of your writing, you can call on a professional web editor.

3) Announce the launch of a new product to its web subscribers

Your publications can present the release of a new offer. Like a marketing campaign, take advantage of a post to announce your promotions to all your followers. Remember to set a deadline and share this information in advance with your community. The distribution of discount codes also helps to increase your audience. Indeed, your subscribers will spread these good plans to their friends so that they too can benefit from them. Thus, this operation serves to give you visibility. The announcement of the launch of new services or products stimulates the behavior of Internet users and can encourage the act of purchase.

4) Create a community on social media: manage your e-reputation

Why not set up a discussion group on Facebook? You can make one by theme or a general one, to see according to its relevance. Thus, you will create a relational fabric and allow your members to interact with each other and with you on any type of subject. Sometimes the exchanges will be positive and other times more negative. In both cases, it is important for the Internet user to be able to express his disappointments, and for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of your offer. Also remember to group your subscribers around common objectives: encourage them to share their creations or their readings according to your field of activity. Try as much as possible to respond to questions and comments from Internet users. Also know how to let them respond to each other and show solidarity. The idea is to exchange with your community, as you would on a forum, to increase your commitment. If you want to expand your influence on the web, expand your social networks and find out how start on the Twitter network for example.

5) Carry out user surveys

Do you want to listen to the needs and collect recommendations from your community? Are you hesitating about the choice of color for your next product to sell? The best way to get suggestions from your subscribers is simply to ask them or ask them to indicate their preferences on a theme. To do this, take a poll via a Facebook post. You will get interesting feedback to use for the composition of your service or product offer. By understanding the needs of your community, you will face the reality and experience of the consumer and will be able to adapt your range. Your readers will feel involved and close to you. Finally, thanks to the questions of Internet users, you will capture leads for your next publications.

“What helps people helps business. » Leo Burnett

6) Start conversations about customer satisfaction

The web is an excellent communication channel. Are you still wondering how to interact with Internet users? Give them the floor! Ask your subscribers to describe the experience they had with your products or services. Engage the discussion with a question, ask their satisfaction about a particular product. Train your consumers to dialogue around your brand or a novelty. Spark conversations to create closeness with your followers. They will feel pampered by your listening and will receive a kind of recognition from you. The challenge here is also to retain your customers and convert new ones.

“The best advertisement is a satisfied customer. » Bill Gates

7) Organize a contest to attract new followers

Still wondering what content to post on Facebook? Carry out auctions, destocking or competitions with rewards. These practices are very good tools for arousing people’s curiosity. These marketing actions make it possible to stand out from the competition and gain more subscribers. As soon as your professional page is created, you can launch a challenge on the number of shares of your publication. For example, the person who broadcasts your post the most will receive a product or a discount on their next order.

8) Write viral articles to increase your audience

Surf on the trend and write an article on a news that is talking about it. The goal is to make your information viral, that is to say that it is shared by as many people as possible. Make the buzz, announce an important event that has taken place or is about to take place. Are you opening a new range of products or a new physical store? Here we go, spread this information without delay. The consumer is at the heart of viral marketing, since it is he who will share the information for you, like modern word-of-mouth.

9) Animate a post with images and videos

Like a dematerialized shopping mall, the Web is a showcase. Thus, anything visual appeals to consumers. Share inspiring images, motivating quotes, put emotions in your publications. If you write a long text without a photo, you risk losing your reader. On the contrary, adding a sketch or a diagram in your post will attract the attention of the Internet user. Try to appeal to the senses of the reader. You can also add a video to support and energize your written speech.

So, what content to publish on Facebook?

Here are the top Facebook posting tips:

  • The welcome presentation: take care of it in order to give a pleasant first impression to the visitor of your professional page.
  • Contests: you will increase your audience. Everyone loves a challenge, especially when there’s something up for grabs.
  • Communication with your community: exchange with your subscribers without moderation. They love it and isn’t it a form of recognition for being faithful to you?