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Are Roll-Up Doors Appropriate for Your Commercial Vehicle?

When the time comes to purchase a new commercial vehicle or upgrade an existing one, business owners must make numerous choices when it comes to the vehicle’s features. One decision they must make is regarding the types of doors for the various storage compartments. Should they choose hinged doors? Will roll-up doors be a better choice?

How to Decide?

A company must know what the vehicle will be used for regularly. In addition, it must understand the difference between hinged doors and roll up doors for trucks. There are construction differences the owner must be aware of, and they must take into consideration safety and operational elements. The appearance of the vehicle may play a role in which option is selected along with additional door features that may be needed. Finally, the owner must ensure all questions are answered, so the right choice can be made.

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What are Hinged Doors?

Hinged doors come with a hinge on the horizontal or vertical portion of the door and work to secure the door to the other parts of the vehicle. A manufacturer may refer to them as traditional compartment doors, and they may be found on either side of the vehicle or in the rear. The purpose of hinged doors is to contain items while ensuring they remain covered.

The manufacturer constructs the doors to meet the needs of the vehicle owner. In addition, they can construct these doors using a variety of metals. However, many business owners opt for aluminum or stainless steel.

Features to Consider on Hinged Doors

When choosing hinged doors, owners need to look for reinforced sections that provided added strength. Thick doors, those more than 1-1/2″, offer compartment protection along with impact resistance. Fully enclosed door locking mechanisms ensure the locks aren’t fouled if equipment shifts in the storage compartment and doors should be able to open when the person is wearing protective equipment.

Consider investing in doors that remain in the open position so the worker won’t need to hold the door when removing or placing items in the storage area. Finally, ensure the doors come with gaskets that help keep the elements out. This protects the items stored in the vehicle.

Benefits of Hinged Doors

Hinged doors provide the vehicle with a smooth, clean look. They are easy to operate and functional, and items may be stored on the doors to increase available storage space. Furthermore, hinged doors allow the users to benefit from the entire compartment, as the door won’t take up space on the interior of the vehicle.
Hinged doors are also safe for operators to use. They open up or out and the user must plan for this when parking the vehicle. The hinges must be sturdy to ensure they hold the door open when parked in an area that is not level, and a hinged door that opens up with the help of horizontal hinges provides the worker with shade when needed.

What Are Roll-Up Doors?

Roll-up doors come in many configurations and are often referred to as shutter-style doors. Owners find they can select from various options when they choose this type of door. They choose the configuration that best meets their needs.

The owner, for example, determines whether they want the take-up roller in the front or rear of the vehicle, although most people choose the front placement option. The doors feature double-sided aluminum extrusions, and each one can be individually removed and replaced as needed. The extrusions come with clips to make this task effortless.

The doors feature side channels with seals to keep the elements out. In addition, these doors operate in a range of temperatures, making them ideal for different climates. Furthermore, business owners find they can pick from a range of features to ensure the roll-up door meets their needs in every way.

Roll-Up Door Options

Owners can choose options when purchasing roll-up doors. For example, they may opt to have side rails installed and drilled to their specifications. Door finishes are offered, as are top drip rails. An owner may find the vehicles will benefit from an optional sill plate as well.

Door accessory options include a magnetic door ajar switch and a manual key lock. Power lock options come with a manual key override. However, the owner may also upgrade to a remote control option for power locks. Other options include see-through slats, an inside opening lift bar, and a pull strap. Don’t overlook interior lighting options when customizing the vehicle either.

Benefits of Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors provide a modern look to a vehicle. They allow rapid access to items, and the worker can easily find anything in the vehicle. All visual barriers are removed, as the door doesn’t interfere with the worker’s line of sight. They grab what they need quickly without having to move things around.

Workers remain safe, as they won’t need to maneuver around doors. They easily see what is happening around them. They won’t harm a person or object when opening and closing the door, and there are no pinch points.

The lightweight doors improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, and the door takes up very little space. This maximizes the opening height and gives the worker more room to move around inside the storage compartment. More items fit in the vehicle, which means fewer trips back to the warehouse, which also helps to save money.

When choosing a roll-up door, consider noise reduction features. For example, foam-covered idler rollers help keep vibration and noise to a minimum when the door opens and closes. In addition, these doors can be installed quickly, even when they are being used to replace traditional hinged doors. This means less downtime for the company and improved customer satisfaction. Once the roll-up doors are in, they last for decades.

If you are upgrading an existing commercial vehicle or purchasing a new one, take a look at roll-up doors. They come with many benefits and features not seen in hinged doors. Many companies find they are the perfect choice for their needs. A person can only know which option is better when they do a thorough comparison. Once this process is complete, it is easy to choose which type of door is right for your company trucks.