What Can You Expect While a Sewer Scope Inspection is performed?

A sewer camera inspection is performed to evaluate the state of the home’s sewer lateral and to check on the system’s efficiency.

Before buying a house, before starting a significant home improvement project, or if you are having sewage problems like slow drains or frequent sewer backups, sewer camera inspections using USA Borescopes are performed.

What a sewer scope inspection is?

Using a remote camera to record video of the interior of your lateral sewer pipe is a procedure known as a sewer scope examination. A specific piece of equipment that winds its way through the line frequently has the camera installed on the end.

The pipe that connects to the sewer line owned by the municipality that supplies your sewage service is known as your lateral sewer line. If this line is weakened, a blowout could cost you a lot of money in property damage.

Not only that but if your lateral sewer connection harms the primary municipal sewer line in any way, you can be held responsible. The expense of a lawsuit against your municipality is significantly higher than the cost of a sewer inspection.

With the right access point, you may perform a sewage scope check on any sewer line. Septic tanks, as well as the lines that serve them, can be examined with a sewer scope.

What can you expect during the sewer inspection?

When performing sewer inspections, a long, flexible tube known as a snake is placed into your drains along with a video camera. This device, which provides a live feed of the condition of your plumbing, will be manipulated through the pipes and into the sewage by your sewer inspection company.

To determine the optimum access point, sewer inspectors will need to explore your house. Any obstructions or defects will be recorded on the floor with tape as the examination progresses.

Your sewer inspection will determine whether your pipes are obstructed or clogged in any manner and will give you a general idea of how well your sewage system is functioning.

Additionally, you will be able to learn what kind of plumbing system you have, what materials were used to build it, and how recent it is. While some plumbing components can last a lifetime, others will need to be replaced even if they are not currently damaged.

How much will a sewer camera inspection cost?

If there are no issues, sewer inspections can be completed quickly—sometimes in less than ten minutes. But they are not inexpensive. Typically, a sewer camera inspection costs $300 or less.

The expenses may increase if the examination identifies a flaw or a situation that requires fixing or replacing. The price of an inspection may seem high, but it is nothing compared to the expense of replacing a sewer line, which might be in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Finding problems early and fixing them is therefore a wise use of resources.

Get a sewer scope inspection done today

Getting a sewer scope inspection is crucial whether you are a current homeowner or are considering buying a new piece of property. It is a crucial component of a home pre-inspection and important for preventative maintenance.