Home Improvements

How to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful Inside and Out

Bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms to clean and keep up with maintenance. They are used so often and perform such delicate functions that they are often susceptible to décor faults, system problems, and general untidiness. So if you are not feeling the joy that your bathroom should bring you lately, here are some ways to make it beautiful inside and out once more.  

Clean the Drains Regularly

The benefits of having your drains cleaned speak for themselves. But, just in case you need a reminder, it can eliminate mystery and foul odors from the area, ensure the pipes are not suffering unnecessary damage, and lead to faster draining from showers and baths. If your drains are not draining properly, call an expert St Louis drain cleaning company to take a look and fix the issue. 

Ventilate the Room

Proper ventilation can combat condensation issues that lead to mold, damp, and damaged tiles or features. It is easy to install a vent, and you can do it yourself to save money too. A good window will also combat these types of issues, and protect your bathroom further, leaving it to appear fresher and allowing the area to dry out after a bathing session. 

Invest in the Right Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are ten a penny, but not all of them work and some are elite while others lack even basic functioning. So, how do you know what to pick and how much money should you be spending on your cleaning repertoire? Well, it varies depending on the size and style of a room. Bathrooms generally need a glass cleaner, a mold spray, a strong bleach, a toilet-specific cleaner (plus brush), drain unblocker (sporadically), tile cleaner, and some sort of soft cleaner plus a general disinfectant. This may seem like a lot, but each product tackles a specific area. For example, your toilet will require an in-depth bleach cleaning at least once a week plus a toilet cleaner every other day to keep it fresh and functioning correctly. 

Don’t Ignore Storage Problems

A cluttered space is just as detrimental to how a room is perceived as damaged features. Bathrooms are a room that requires a basic level of storage for toiletries, toilet rolls, toothbrushes, and even towels. You can get around the small space problem by sourcing under sink caddies, and shower shelves, and installing general shelving high up or in alcoves. There is always a way, and once you’ve done it, the room will feel ten times lighter. 


Your bathroom is a daily use room. It sees a lot of traffic and caters to a lot of needs. It is supposed to be a haven where you can go to relax and meet your basic self-care needs. So when they fall into a state of disrepair it is overwhelming to address the issues at hand. But fixing this space up will improve your well-being and nurture a comfortable home environment.