What are the tips for studying abroad in the United States?

When you go through many tests and finally study abroad in your ideal school, I believe that everyone hopes that they can live their own wonderful life in this foreign land. Undoubtedly, unfamiliar buildings, unfamiliar languages, and unfamiliar living habits can not only help us grow rapidly, but also bring a huge challenge. So how to quickly adapt to life in the United States? Today, I will talk with you about some tips for living in the United States.

1. About credit cards

In the United States, most shopping malls accept cards (including UnionPay, VISA and MasterCard), so it is better to carry a credit card with you when you go abroad, which is far more convenient than cash shopping. When you first arrive in the United States, as a transition period, you can bring a domestic credit card. However, if you are going to the United States to study for a long time, or you may continue to live in the United States in the future, it is very important to work hard to accumulate credit points for yourself from the beginning. Otherwise, you will easily hit the wall or pay higher interest than others in the future. More importantly, in the United States, where the credit system is already very complete, it is a very valuable life experience to personally practice the process of improving credit points for yourself.

2. About course selection

If you want to get good grades, it is important to choose the right course. In the eyes of most international students, getting good grades and learning real skills are two different things, but if you choose the right course, you can have both. At the beginning, you may have language barriers, so pay attention to avoid this shortcoming first. On the other hand, to improve your English skills and may not be bothered by their language, you may go to English tutor online at FamilyTutor and enroll in the said subject instead.

3. About contact tools

When you come to the United States, you will meet a lot of new friends. If you meet students in the US and other countries, you can keep in touch with them using SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you meet Chinese, then you can use QQ, Wechat, Weibo and other contact tools to contact them.

4. Medical treatment and insurance

You need to make an appointment to go to a doctor in the United States, and there will be a receptionist to connect with you after you arrive at the hospital. Medical insurance for international students is compulsory and is relatively comprehensive. However, it should be noted that dentists are not covered by insurance, so it is best to do a comprehensive oral examination before going abroad; students who are short-sighted can bring a few more pairs of glasses, because in the United States, you must go to an ophthalmologist before getting glasses.

5. About diet

If you like the food of your hometown very much, then you must learn to cook well before going to the United States. Almost all American food comes with cheese, and without cheese, many dishes lose their flavor. Therefore, when you first arrive in the United States, you need to adapt to the American diet as soon as possible to make your life easier.

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