Ways to Drive More Sales on Amazon

Amazon provides an amazing service to businesses. Through its Amazon Marketplace, third parties can sell almost any kind of product to Amazon’s huge market of customers. The possibility of increasing your sales by several-fold is very real and you can learn it through FBA Masterclass which tells you strategies to improve sales. Unfortunately, driving consumers to your Amazon listings is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are a number of strategies you can use to do so. Below are ways to drive more sales on Amazon.

Fine Tune Your Listings

One reason why you may not be producing as many sales as you should is that your Amazon product listings are of poor quality. Quite often this is due to the fact that your listing doesn’t have the appropriate words in the title to attract people who actually want to buy your product.

If you’re selling a lamp, for example, you better include the word lamp in the title as well as references to the color, material it’s made from and more. In addition to this, your listings must be as informative as possible. Include as many details regarding the product as you can. Don’t be afraid to get right into the technical specifics.

Many shoppers are looking for that kind of detail. Lastly, take several high-resolution photos of your products from multiple angles and upload them to the listings. Customers absolutely want to see what they are buying before they add a product to their shopping cart.

Get Outside Help

One thing you should be aware of is the fact there are outside parties that produce services that cater to the needs of Amazon Marketplace sellers. For example, you could choose an Amazon marketing agency that can provide you with services to create advertisements to drive customers to your Amazon listings.

You may also have access to other Amazon-based services such as tools for optimizing your listings, buy-box monitoring, new item listing, inventory forecasting, strategic planning and much more. Such an Amazon Agency can allow you to better manage your Amazon listings than you would ever be able to do on your own.

Choose the Correct Pricing

Another difficult aspect of Amazon is choosing the correct pricing. In regards to Amazon, you better price your product competitively. Comparative shopping is extremely easy using Amazon. In fact, there may be a list of similar products on your listing page including the prices. While you, of course, need to price your products high enough to create a profit, you still need to be competitive with similar products offered by competitors on the platform. Doing so will increase your profit through a higher volume of sales.

Pull in External Traffic

While a lot of your traffic should come from people simply starting their search within Amazon itself, many other successful sales should originate offsite. There are many choices for producing this kind of traffic. Some options include your social media accounts, the social media accounts of influencers, Google advertisements, blog articles, and email.

Using a Google AdSense account to advertise your Amazon listings may be a great option. Another choice would be to advertise single-use discount codes offsite. Offering a discount is always a good tactic for hooking in consumers because they may assume they have to act immediately to get the lower price.


One popular form of offsite advertising you should consider to promote your Amazon listings is internet advertisement retargeting. Retargeting in this context refers to sending an advertisement to someone who has already expressed interest in the product. Say a person viewed your Amazon listing earlier in the week.

Through retargeting, that person would see an ad for the same Amazon listing elsewhere on the internet in their web browser. In other cases, they have searched for keywords that your product shares and will see advertisements for your product based on that previous interaction. The landing pages for these ads can also be custom designed to draw in customers with previous exposure to your products. According to Forbes, 92 percent of people don’t buy a product after the first interaction.

Overall, while Amazon Marketplace is an amazing tool to use to sell products, doing so successfully still takes some work. However, if you take steps such as using offsite advertisement, finely tuning your listings, choosing the correct pricing or using an outside marketing firm, you should be able to greatly increase the volume of sales you see form your listings. Give it a try.