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Get Self Service Portal and Control Panel with VPS in South Africa


It is not difficult to bring your business on the Internet. However, it is tricky to ensure the successful hosting of your business website after you bring it online. With the web technologies betterment, cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other destructive loopholes are also no way behind. 

The primary step you can take to efficiently host your business website is to purchase a reliable and aptest web hosting solution that comes with a desirable control panel. This helps you host your business website the way you need without much effort. Through this article, we have highlighted top-leading Serverwala’s VPS in South Africa which comes with varied control panel options to make your website hosting way easier and more effective. 

But, let us first give you insights into the significance of a control panel in web hosting and how VPS hosting South Africa with a suitable control panel can be the perfect pick for boosting your online business. 

Understand the Basic Concept of  the Web Hosting Control Panel

A web hosting control panel is devised to provide a management platform with the help of which you can monitor and administer the hosting account as well as the projects you are hosting. It is basically installed over the operating system of your web hosting server. And, you can utilize the web hosting control panel with any kind of web hosting. 

Why do you need a Control Panel for VPS in South Africa?

VPS in South Africa

VPS in South Africa hosting provides you isolated and secure web hosting platform with dedicated resources to host your web business. It is a highly cost-effective web hosting solution that enables you to attain maximum business profitability. 

It mimics the hosting environment of a dedicated server while letting you eliminate the constraints that come under shared server web hosting with the help of a control panel. A web hosting control panel comes with a Graphic User Interface (GUI), which facilitates the user-friendly platform. 

This enables both experienced as well as newbie website administrators to easily handle some of the most critical tasks linked with file governance, database design, email communication, etc.

Control Panel Options in VPS in South Africa

Control Panel Options in VPS in South Africa

With the VPS hosting South Africa, the major two sections that you gain under control panels are – Admin Section & User Section. Let’s learn more about them!

  • Admin Section

Through the admin section, you can effortlessly administer your VPS in South Africa. You can keep a look at the load your virtual private server is holding. Moreover, you can monitor all the operations & services currently running on your virtual private server. 

This helps you obtain the precise details of the CUP, disk, and memory usage. Also, the admin section allows you to apply custom settings and assign resources. Further, it lets you terminate, re-activate, and suspend the accounts as per your desire. 

  • User Section

Through the user section, you can easily manage websites & projects. This is the place where you can build your website. You obtain the tools made file and database management. The user section also lets you set up a South Africa VPS SSL certificate as well as configure the backups of your website. 

Get an easy Control panel with Serverwala’s VPS in South Africa

Get an easy Control panel with Serverwala’s VPS in South Africa

You must make sure to buy the best VPS Hosting in South Africa from a dependable and top-notch web host. This helps you use the web hosting platform to the best of its ability for hosting your business website efficiently. Without much thought, we can easily suggest to you here the Serverwala data center obtain your aptest virtual private server hosting plan. 

Serverwala is a renowned as well as industry-leading data center across the world. It has attained many awards for rendering excellent virtual private server hosting plans at the cheapest cost pricing. The data center is also recognized for fulfilling all the demands & needs of a large number of varied business websites. It offers cutting-edge web hosting services and resilient facilities backed up by the most advanced technologies. 

On the other hand, Serverwala data center provides the most popular & prevalent choices of control panels with their VPS Server plans – cPanel, WHM (Web Host Manager), and Plesk. These control panels are highly efficacious and enable you to administer your virtual private server with utmost ease & high performance. You can acquire any of them depending on the type of operating system you find most compatible with your business website. 

Furthermore, Serverwala data center provides incredible hosting features with the plans of VPS South Africa. Mentioned below are some of them – 

  • 99.90% Uptime assurance
  • 100% SSD data storage
  • 24/7 Technical & customer assistance
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Highest network connectivity and much more. 


The VPS in South Africa is a powerful and superior web hosting solution you can have for your online business to assure its seamless performance. It renders hosting flexibility, customizability, an autonomous platform, and various other administrative privileges to host your business website without any interference or interruptions. 

Moreover, at Serverwala data center, you get excellent options for control panels depending upon the operating system you choose with your virtual private server. This helps you flawlessly and smoothly the hosting of your web business with utmost ease. The data center also lets you opt for fully managed web hosting services & facilities. 

If you are not sure about managing the entire hosting environment of your best VPS South Africa on your own because of any respective reason. Further, you can browse right away the informational website of the Serverwala data center to acquire more insightful details about the cheap managed & unmanaged plans of VPS Server South Africa. You will get great benefits with their VPS Servers.