Top 7 Best & Simple Image Editor for Mac

No doubt that stock Photos are the most appealing image editor for macOS, but the downside it can’t fulfill editing needs. Suppose before making editing designer preferred you to convert png to svg for Cricut, what do you have to do! Don’t fret this is the place where you need to get an online PNG to SVG converter for Cricut design right now.

Remember that to attain better outcomes, you ought to search for the best free Mac image editor. Well, come to the point, here we shortlisted few best image editing apps for macOS, account one or more right now, and proceed with your image editing concerns.

Did You Know!

Yes, image editing capabilities are entirely varying from one app to another, you can find that there’s no one size that fits all editor. So, to make things handy, you have to stick the best image editors right now. Most probably experts recommended to convert PNG to SVG for cricut prior editing, once converted, they can easily make editing for their design concerns. So, if your artwork also involves conversions from PNG raster to vector SVG Cricut file, then make an instant visit to that not only provided PNG to SVG converter for Cricut and Silhouette Cutting Machines for free of cost.


It is referred to as the best image editor for macOS that works smoothly on Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari, and different other modern web browsers. Same as an online PNG to SVG converter can lets you proceed PNG files to SVG vector files conversions on all type of OS and web-browser.

The upside is that this tool is 100% free, which means there are no hidden charges to proceed with this lightweight application. It provided you with:

  • Filters
  • Layers
  • Lasso
  • Eraser
  • Texts/fonts and much more

Moreover, make a couple of clicks right now to make a photo collage right now with this handy editor for mac.

What it offers:

  • It is indicated as the costless app.
  • This app lets you work on cross-platforms.
  • Fetch the multiple editing tools.


It is another well-known free as well as open-source image editor for MAC systems. However, GIMP also comes with a dedicated desktop app. This means that you could be able to edit image files offline on your macOS. Experts depicted that GIMP is loaded with a bunch of professional tools that allow you to make stunning images in a flash. Besides from image editor, it also works as PNG to SVG converter to save png as svg high color palette without any quality loss.

Even you will explore certain tools such as:

  • Cropping
  • Make color adjustments
  • Noise reduction
  • Customization brushes and more

Although it lets you export png as SVG vector image online, to convert png to svg for cricut, you have to seek an online PNG to SVG converter with color.

What it offers:

  • Allow you to proceed with a customizable interface.
  • It works tremendously with all image file formats.
  • Provided you with multiple graphic design elements.


PhotoScape is referred to as a one-go solution that fulfills photo editing works that you’ve taken by digital cameras and smartphones. Apart from editing, no matter whether you’re using iPhone or Mac PC, you can easily convert png to svg for cricut machine with the natural use of an online PNG to SVG converter for free of cost.

Additionally, PhotoScape is loaded with a different number of tools such as:

  • image viewer
  • editor
  • splitter
  • cropper, and so on

The most appealing reason to use this handy image editor for mac systems is that it supports batch editing.

What it offers:

  • Allow you to work with Raw files.
  • Fetch the multi-lingual UI.
  • Get ready to explore an extensive list of editing tools.

Fotor Photo Editor:

This is another best Photo Editor for Mac that works best for both recreational and professional photographers. Account this tool right now that allows you to apply effects, texts, filters, shapes, and certain other photo customization functions. Moreover, it lets you fetch both paid and free versions to proceed image editing according to certain preferences. If image conversions like PNG to SVG for cricut machine is your concern, then takes PNG to SVG converter online into account and proceed further.

What it offers:

  • Really easy to use.
  • Fetch both multiple basic and premium capabilities.
  • Fetch more than 30 photo frames.


It allows you to swiftly crop, rotate, add/remove red eye, apply effects, and much more. For user convenience, it lets one to share photos through iCloud Photo Sharing, Facebook, Twitter, message, etc. Even now you can upload PNG from the source of Photos into PNG to SVG converter in order to change PNG to SVG color file, once done you can edit such file within no time.

What it offers:

  • 100% free and fun to use.
  • Allow you to sync photos to iCloud.
  • Provided you with the nice photo-editing tools.

Affinity Photo:

Affinity Photo is the expert’s choice photo editing app for mac that proceeds without any quality degradation. This handy app packed with innumerable professional tools for editing image file types such as PNG, TIFF, RAW, PDF, PSD, and more. Besides that, thanks to PNG to SVG converter with color that lets you export PNG as SVG for cricut machine for free of cost.

You can even fetch different editing tools that helps you in removing red-eye, cropping, adding filters, color correction, etc. The upside about this handy tool is that its UI (User Interface) is uncluttered and loaded with perfectly marked tools.

What it offers:

  • Allow you to proceed with multiple keyboard shortcuts.
  • Provided you with tons of video and written tutorials.
  • Fully supports RAW files.

Adobe Photoshop CC:

Yes, it is indicated as one of the tremendous photo-editing apps for mac on this list. Although it lets you proceed with a bit of learning curve, but one can be able to create some unique artworks. As it is Adobe native software, you should have to upload SVG vector files for proper image tracing editing concerns, and if you already have PNGs, then turn them into SVG with an online PNG to SVG converter prior to making editing with Photoshop CC.

Additionally, this handy image editor allows you to design mobile applications, websites, banners, posters, and icons. Besides that, you can be able to create as well as enhance photos by using its creative brushes and other digital masterpieces. Even you can share creative art-related works with single tap on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, and other social media channels.

What if offers:

  • Proceed with a quick share menu.
  • Provided you with multiple creative brushes.
  • Let’s work with all image file formats.