Top 5 Destinations To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

Exploring the world and traveling long-distances have never been easier. There are tons of online services that allow you to book flight tickets and hotels in the blink of an eye. Traveling is much safer, convenient, and cheaper than it was some fifty years ago. And it comes as no surprise that some people quit their 6-figure jobs to embark on fascinating journeys to faraway places. The vast majority of avid travelers get the most out of their travels. Not only do they draw inspiration from their journeys but also share their impressions eagerly. They create blogs, YouTube channels, and vlogs where they share their stories with other connoisseurs of the vagabond lifestyles. If you’re also into traveling, you should definitely check out the list of the most colorful and exciting destinations. All of them are rich with nature attractions, picturesque landscapes, scrumptious food, and lots of other things that deserve to be commemorated with your camera. Share mini vlogs from your trip on TikTok and guarantee a high number of followers with TikTokStorm.

So, let’s dive into it.  

#1 Finland 

Finland attracts lots of tourists every year, especially during Christmas holidays. Still, Finland still remains an unexplored gem to lots of travelers, especially those who live in the western hemisphere. But if long-hauled flights and not always welcoming climate don’t scare you, you can discover a wide range of exciting things about this Scandinavian country. 

Finland fascinated visitors with its ski resorts shrouded in the glistening coat of snow, luxury igloo hotels where you can contemplate northern lights, and welcoming homelike country cottages with famous saunas. In Lapland, you can meet the most generous and well-wishing couple of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus at SantaPark or visit the Elf School, where they will teach you how to pen the most eloquent letters to Santa Claus and make the most scrumptious gingerbreads in the world. And Finland has many more wonders in store for you. Come and visit this marvelous Northern European country to experience them firsthand. 

#2 Norway

The way leading to the north… This is how the word ‘Norway’ translates in English. This Scandinavian country represents a mixture of cold romanticism, Scandinavian strictness, and heartwarming, fairytale-like beauty that can make you fall in love at the first sight. 

Norway mesmerizes visitors with a wide range of natural wonders from its majestic mountains to famous, cinematic fjords. Norway’s modern yet picturesque cities with their mind-blowing architecture can change your perception of reality. Observe the ‘Land of the waterfalls’ from the 700-meter triangle viewpoint in Gaularfjellet or count sunspots in the fishing village of Eggum that boast one of the most picturesque rest areas in the world. You can also enjoy yourself in the National Museum Architecture in Oslo or take in the medieval sights and contemplate the heritage of Petter Dass in Alstahaug. Among other popular attractions you may want to explore are the Stokkøya hotel and activity center, Viewpoint Snøhetta in Dovre, Trollveggen visitor center, the Vulkan site by the Akerselva River in Oslo, and many other interesting things unique to Norway.     

#3 Switzerland 

Imagine yourself in the middle of the open field, surrounded by snow-clad mountains, while sipping on the hot Swiss chocolate. If you’re someone who loves mountains and emerald meadows, you should definitely add visiting Switzerland on your travel bucket list.  

Every year, Jungfrau Region welcomes thousands of skiers from all over the world. The out of this world views of this alpine beauty will leave you spellbound. The beauty of the milky snow-capped peaks of Mount Mönch and Eigel will make you fall for this heaven. When in Jungfrau Region, don’t miss boarding the highest railway network of Europe. Don’t forget to visit Lucerne, a cozy town situated on the bank of the river of the same name. Treat yourself to a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a couple slices of artisanal cheese and let the vibe of this mesmerizing town send a shiver down your spine. Finally, don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Alpine meadows, breathe in unrealistically fresh air, and take in the devastatingly picturesque panorama of the Lauterbrunnen valley famed for its waterfalls.  

#4 Croatia 

Croatia is a wonderful country situated at the crossroads of Southeast and Central Europe on the Adriatic Sea. This small yet impressive country is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason.  

To get to know Croatia, you can take a trip to Plitvice Lakes. The clearest waters, stunning views, and tons of amusements won’t disappoint you. There are lots of boardwalks over the parks that let you wander over the top of 16 amazing lakes. These lakes are so blue that it feels surreal. This is definitely the perfect place to step up your Instagram game and get the best shot. To discover more interesting places in Croatia, take a boat tour to Pag Island. There are really beautiful coves to explore that are surprisingly quiet. Depending on when you go, you might even find the beach all to yourself. You may want to let your hair down and have an incredible night at ZRCE Beach famous for its wild parties. When in Croatia, don’t forget to visit KRKA National Park, the great place to cool off and go for a swim next to the incredible stepped waterfall. 

#5 Singapore 

Singapore is an incredible Asian country with countless futuristic gardens, famous highlights, luxurious restaurants, and impressive high-rises. This country is worth so much more than a stopover. 

First things first, you want to familiarize yourself with Singapore architecture, which is truly unique. You’ll find yourself captivated by a huge skyscraper dominated by Marina Bay Sands, the iconic boat-shaped hotel with the famous infinity pool. At night the awesome light and sound show comes out of Marina Bay Sand, so the best place to be is on the other side of the river to watch the magic unfold. The Marina Bay area is also home to some amazing shops including an awesome food court on the lower floor. Here you’ll find the Merlion statue, the iconic symbol of Singapore. Behind the hotel is Gardens by the Bay, the place famed for its Supertree Grove. You’ll never forget those gigantic artificial trees which illuminate at night. Here you’ll also find incredible glass domed gardens that have inside waterfalls and tropical plants. But don’t confuse these with the UNESCO list of botanic gardens Singapore also boasts. Around Central Singapore there is plenty of architecture to admire from the modern to the colonial, which is especially concentrated around Fort Canning Park. You can check into the old fort, explore museums and galleries housed in the historic buildings. 

Things to Consider When Traveling 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the top five destinations for your future trip, take a look at some useful tips that will make your journey more enjoyable. 

1. Travel safe. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has swept across the world, you should take every measure to ensure your safety. Research your destination thoroughly and double check if the borders of the country you’re planning to visit are open to citizens of your country. Make copies of important documents, write down emergency info, get travel insurance, and make sure to minimize the opportunities for theft, scams, and robberies while traveling.    

2. Travel light.  The last thing you need is oversize baggage that will render you less maneuverable, if not immobile. Take your passports, visas, money, and other essentials without which your trip will be impossible. Opt for compact, lightweight camera gear, and a mini tripod. You’ll be better off without those huge backpacks. If you happen to forget something at home, don’t make a drama out of it. You can buy the necessary things and rent required equipment when you arrive at the destination. 

3. Use professional editing software. It’s a rare traveler who’s not obsessed with the quality of their pictures and video. Don’t waste your precious time on tweaking settings and applying filters. Create effective photos and video from the get go with professional editing apps. Thus, for the best videos you’ll need Fastreel, Clideo, and FlexClip. These tools can work in your browser and don’t require installation. If you want to impress your followers with a professional-looking video project, you should definitely opt for Pixlr, Fotor, and Photopea. These solutions enable you to quickly adjust color, brightness, contrast, saturation, and lots of other parameters. What’s more, you may choose among countless customizable templates to create your unique project and enhance it with various photo effects. 

4. Ask locals for help. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, at times you may find yourself in need of some advice from a knowledgeable person. Even if you prefer to stay away from strangers for safety reasons, you may find it useful to ask locals for some advice or help when you are looking for an affordable restaurant or local currency changer. Traveling isn’t only about exploring locations; it’s about getting to know other people and building connections. For more information on Fun over fifty tours be sure to visit Fun over 50 Holidays.