Boating essentials must-haves prior to your journey

Boating used to be a hobby to many. However, now this hobby turned from passion to profession. There are now several sailors that teach people about this passion for them to have a wonderful boating experience. When it comes to your first adventure, many beginners and first-timers face anxiety and stress. Of course, boating is fun but, should not be taken as a joke.

Precautionary measures are paramount. Team PartsVu has always kept not only the boat, but the sailors in their mind as well. We care for you as much as we care for your boat. Team PartsVu is a leading boat accessories and boating parts provider. All that you need, we provide.

Below listed are some must-have boating essentials that you must not miss out on. Make sure you have them all prior to your voyage.

  • Keep spare engine oils!

Having spare engine oils while you’re on your journey is necessary. Usually, the sailors are worried of their engine oils running out sooner than expected. Hence, Team PartsVu offers the best engine oils sourced through Yamaha and Mercury. Furthermore, to assist our clients we also offer multiple discounts on engine oils as well!

  • Double check on first aid kits

Keeping your first aid kits with you is very important. It is a double check for your safety. Be it minor cuts or any unfortunate circumstance, your first aid kits are your best friends on your journey. Thus, keep a double check on your first aid kits. Ensure all the things needed in your kits. At PartsVu, we offer complete first aid kits for you to grab before you set off for your journey.

  • PFD’s (Life Jackets) 

The personal flotation devices (PFD) are an item you should never miss out on. In other words, your life somehow depends on it. Keep your life jackets with you. Moreover, ensure that you have an equal number of life jackets with you as much as the people you have onboard. One life saver jacket for every sailor! While you enjoy your voyage, it is indeed important to be fully equipped with all the safety requirements.

  • Extra marine batteries and electrical in the backup

Keeping extra marine batteries and other electrical equipment required on boat is paramount. If you require guidance with all the necessary electrical equipment and batteries you need, Team PartsVu is here to guide you. It’s not us, but our clients who have made sure to help us reach a position where everyone now says that PartsVu is a leading boat parts resource and provider!

  • Water pump repair kit

There have been instances where the water pump gets damaged. To keep yourself away from this panicking situation, make sure to keep a water pump repair kit on you. At PartsVu, you will get the perfect water pump repair kit. You can take guidance over the use of the repair kit from Team PartsVu as well.

  • Service kits

Slight damages to the boat are a part of voyage. In such a situation, keeping your cool and calm is very important. To ensure that our sailors do not stress over these damages, we at PartsVu provide service kits. Our service kits are fully equipped with all the required essentials. Our services have helped gain more recognition amongst the sailors. PartsVu is a leading boat accessories source and the number 1 choice of every sailor!

  • Fire distinguishers and fume detectors

Keeping a fire distinguishers and fume detectors have been suggested by some experienced sailors. Being prepared for any circumstance that you may face or may occur during the journey is paramount. Hence, you can get your fire distinguishers and fume detectors at PartsVu.

  • All cleaning and care items of your boat

Taking proper care of your boat is important. It helps to maintain your boat’s health. However, if you are set off for a longer journey, it is necessary to have all the cleaning items in your backup with you. Longer journeys on a boat require a proper preparation prior to the journey as well as during the journey too!

  • Boat Lights

Be it a longer journey or a relatively shorter one, keeping extra boat lights with you must be the priority of a sailor. Even if you have kept your boat in a perfect condition and got proper servicing done prior to your journey, it is important to ensure these essentials are with you in the backup. Our boat parts are trusted by every sailor, which is why team PartsVu is a leading boat parts provider to all the passionate sailors!

  • Marine engine fogging oils

This is actually going to be the perfect life saver you need. The fogging oils will remove any hindrances you might face on the voyage. They prevent corrosion in the engines, providing you a smoother journey. There is always stress and anxiety to a certain degree every time you set off for your voyage. Thus, all such essential that prevent any unwanted situations is a smart choice every sailor must take!

  • Fishing rod

While on your journey, have fun! Once you’ve ensured all the required essentials you need, consider keeping your fun equipment an essential too. Who goes on a boating journey and doesn’t do fishing? Hence, keep several fishing rods with you and enjoy your journey to the fullest! You can also get your fishing rods from PartsVu.

Why us?

Team PartsVu has always looked forward to assist sailors. This passion soon converted to a profession, providing many young sailors to have a chance to learn boating. We wanted to become a go to provider when it came to boat parts and accessories. Thus, Team PartsVu made sure to provide high quality accessories and other essentials to our clients without them having to wait. 

We prioritize our sailors and understand their need to know everything about their boat. Henceforth, Team PartsVu provides proper guidance to every sailor for their boat parts. Indeed, knowledge is the key to a safer journey!

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