Top 10 CLAT Colleges in India 

The common law admission test is a prestigious exam for all law aspirants. The CLAT test enables you to fetch your seats in the top NLUs in India. Besides, the CLAT consortium conducts the CLAT test every year to select the most desirable aspirants to read in the top NLUs of India. If you also wish to pursue your law program in prestigious colleges, you must clear the CLAT. Before preparing for CLAT exam, you must be well aware of all the universities. Knowing about the universities will later offer you ease during the admission process?

This column will help you learn about the Top 10 CLAT Colleges in India. All these colleges listed in the editorial come without any ranking, as they are National universities and top faculties. If you desire to seek your career as a law professional, you must clear the CLAT entrance exam and read in one of these Top 10 CLAT Colleges in India. As an eligible law aspirant, you should know about the top universities, so here is a complete list.

Top 10 CLAT colleges that you should pursue your law degree at

  1. NLSIU/ National Law School of India University, Bangalore

This is one of the most prominent CLAT colleges present in Bangalore. The National law academy of India University came to its presence in a notification about the NLSIU Act. This Act was introduced under the Karnataka Act 22 of 1986. The most important thing about this CLAT College is the Chief Justice of India is the Chancellor of this Law school.

  1. NALSAR/ National Academy of Legal Studies & Research, Hyderabad

This is another best CLAT college that came into existence in 1998. Act of the state of Telangana established NALSAR college; in the past was known as Andhra Pradesh. Since its initial day, this University has always been the favorite topic in the conversation of law and justice.

  1. NLIU / National Law Institute University, Bhopal

It is another incredible law school present at Bhopal. It is a law school and also a center for research. The state of Madhya Pradesh established the college in 1997. It comes as one of the three law schools recognized underneath the National law school system.

  1. WBNUJS/ W. Bengal National University of Judicial sciences 

This University again got its establishment under the WBNUJS Act, 1999. It is an Act under the Wes Bengal Act of IX of 1999. In the July of 1999, this Act got adopted by the West Bengal Legislature. The chief justice of India is the Chancellor of the University and the chairperson of the college’s general counsel.

  1. HNLU/ Hidayatullah National law university, Raipur

It is a residential law University in India where aspirants have to reside during their course of study. The college comes as the sixth most prominent college amongst the NLUs. The University offers you top-class faculties, for your law studies.

  1. National Law University Jodhpur

It is one of India’s best law schools that is present in a location that is itself vibrant and colorful. Most applicants love to read at this University due to the location. This University has consistently been ranked among the top colleges for CLAT in India. You can find some of the best-known faculties here as well.

  1. GNLU/ Gujarat National Law University, Gandhi Nagar

It is one of the statutory universities of law in Gujarat that came into presence after its Inauguration by the Government of Gujarat. It got established under the Gujarat National Law University Act of 2003. This University also comes recognized by the bar council of India.

  1. RMLNLU/ Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University

This is another promising law university in India that comes as best recommended through CLAT exam. RMLNLU got its establishment by the Government of Uttar Pradesh Act in 2005. The college started its operation in full fledge on 4th of January 2006. The college got its establishment with a vision to solve all-new obstacles in the legal domain.

  1. RGNUL / Rajiv Gandhi National Law University, Patiala

This college got the state legislature establishes it. Under the Punjab Act 2006 and acquired its approval from the Bar Council of India. In the year 2006 again, this University came into existence.

  1. CNLU/ Chanakya National Law University

This is the last college on India’s Top 10 CLAT Colleges list. This college got established by the Bihar Act no. 24 of 2006. Several retired judges from prominent law institutions offer assistance and knowledge in the CNLU.


In conclusion, these are all about the top 10 CLAT colleges in India. Now that you know about the top ten CLAT colleges, you should prepare to get admission to one of them.