Steaming Clothes VS. Ironing: which is better for your Clothes?

Steaming clothes vs. ironing are a very hot debate in today’s realm. As with emerging technology new products and facilities for day-to-day tasks makes our life easy. But it becomes difficult to choose the product from too many choices.

As ironing is the most disliked task of many people, however, inventions make it easy and likable with time. Today we have many different brands of steam irons, steam generator irons, heavy-duty cloth steamers, handheld steamers, steam presses, ironing stations, and many more. 

Now, the question arises whether ironing is a better option than steaming. We cannot choose the one. As both are different tools but uses for the same function, the application is different. For ironing, the soleplate of iron is directly in contact with cloth and removes wrinkles whereas, in the case of steaming, a steamer is used and it removes by producing steam and does not directly come into contact with clothes.  


For ironing, we use a traditional dry iron, steam iron, or steam generator iron, and they have flat solid metal, ceramic or stainless steel soleplate which heats up to 250* F to 360* F, and directly comes into contact with clothes. Ironing presses the clothes by pressure and it loses the molecular bond of the fabric when providing heat and pressure which brings it into shape and removes wrinkles. When the fabric cools down it retains its new shape that is wrinkleless. 

Pros of Ironing:

  • As, ironing is a better choice for heavy clothes like denim, wool, nylon, and cotton. As it removes wrinkles more finely from them as iron put weight along with heat. 
  • It works better and provides a crisp look to dress shirts and pants. Further, it is exceptional in pressing pleats. So, best for skirts and pleated maxis. 
  • Ironing is the best choice for seamstresses and quilters. As it helps to provide more finished products and accurate measurements for sewing and quilting projects, by removing creases and resulting in a more finished look to cuffs, hems, and pleats. 

Cons of Ironing:

  • One of the main cons you face while ironing on embellished clothes as it becomes difficult to iron them and may damage the more delicate work. 
  • It is dangerous if you choose the wrong temperature for delicate fabric, which may result in damaged cloth or fade the color. 
  • Ironing requires extra equipment to work like an ironing board or table and ironing sleeves board.  


Steaming is done by using many different latest steamers which remove the wrinkles by loosening the fabric from the combination of moisture and heat. Furthermore, steaming is easy as it does not require much effort and makes the task of removing wrinkles stress-free.

Pros of Steamers: 

  • A steamer is the best choice for delicate fabrics like silk, lawn, and embellished clothes. Fewer chances of damaging cloth. 
  • Steamer does not require much effort as it removes wrinkles by steam so, no pressure is required while steaming. 
  • No, separate ironing board or equipment is required, just hang the dress on a hanger and start steaming.  
  • A handheld steamer is also very useful and easy to take along with you while traveling.  

Cons of Steamers:

  • It does not work more precisely like for cuffs and creating pleats. So, not a good fit for seamstresses and quilters. 
  • Sometimes it gets difficult or takes more time to remove tough wrinkles from thick fabric by using a steamer. 

Final Verdict: 

After detailed research and assessment, we reach the opinion that both have their pros and cons. Both the tools work best for pressing and removing creases. But we thought steaming is easier and more helpful if you want to freshen the look of your dress in less time and for removing wrinkles from day-to-day clothes with less effort. It requires less space especially if you go with a handheld steamer. 

Furthermore, nowadays iron comes with a steam production function also. So, we can ironing also not remains behind. If you want to work as a dress designer, quilter, or seamstress we prefer you to choose the ironing. 

At last, we suggest if you have a large pile of clothes to iron and more different variety of clothes. Buy the best steamer and iron both and enjoy ironing and steaming according to your need. A one-time good investment makes your life a breeze.