Tips To Improve Your Child’s Maths Score In Primary School

Learning Maths requires a different approach from the students compared to the other subjects. Especially, the primary level students, who are getting introduced to the subject for the first time, require guidance from their parents. However, most guardians opt for private home tuition services from a reputable education platform like Champion Tutor. But parental support is equally crucial for the best results.

To help you assist your kid in Maths learning, we have listed some useful tips below. So, without any further delay, let’s check them out.

Ways To Improve Your Kid’s Maths Score in Primary School

Motivate The Child

It is said that parents are the first teachers for kids. Besides, they also play the role of a mentor and motivator for them. The process of learning Maths is easier for the students when they are internally inspired to do better. For this reason, you must motivate your child from time to time to keep them on the right track regarding their academics.

You can share motivational stories or your own experiences. They help the young learners stay consistent with their efforts, even at times when they feel low and things are not going the right way. Another effective approach is regularly telling them positive affirmations and inspirational quotes. They help the kids to develop a positive mindset and tackle academic challenges effectively.

See, there is no secret formula that you can give to your child, and he/she will start performing better in Maths overnight! But with regular efforts and your motivational support, they can surely improve their subject scores in the long term.

Allot Time For Practice

To boost your primary school kid’s scores in Maths, you should ensure that they devote a fixed time daily to practice solving the questions. As mentioned in the beginning, Maths requires a different learning approach compared to other subjects. Most subjects are theoretical that involve memorization of facts and procedures. But, in Maths, it is essential to understand the basic concepts and then use them for solving the problems. 

In simple words, the students who want to learn Maths, have to sit for a specific duration in which they try solving the questions, based on their understanding. It is the most effective and possibly the only way to learn Mathematics. For this reason, most Math tutor use the same approach in their sessions to effectively teach the kids.

Now the question comes: How can I ensure that my child is practising enough? Well, you can help your kid prepare a timetable that covers daily tasks, such as homework, assignments, etc. As well as, gives them enough time for practising Maths problems. This way, you will soon notice an improvement in your kid’s academic scores.

Help Them Find A Study Partner

It is noticed that when primary school kids learn with their friends and peer group, they show more engagement and higher levels of participation in the classes. So, you should look to find a suitable “study partner” for your child to provide them with the best learning experience. 

However, it can also be a possibility that your child gets distracted and stops focusing on the studies altogether. In that scenario, learning the subject with a “study partner” can prove “counterproductive” for the student. So, whether it is your child’s best friend or just a classmate from school, make sure the individual doesn’t act as a source of distraction. 

Now, you may be wondering: Where will I find the perfect study partner for my child? The answer can possibly come from your family, friends, and social circle. They may also have kids that are looking for a learning partner. So, you can reach out to different people in your neighbourhood also, to look for potential study companions for your child.

Encourage The Kid To Teach You

This approach may seem a bit weird but is highly effective for boosting the primary level students’ scores in Mathematics. In the method, you ask the child to explain a particular topic or concept to you. When an individual teaches or explains a topic to someone, their own understanding of the subject improves. 

So, you can ask your kid to become your teacher for a while and explain the concepts to you. Besides, you can get this practice implemented, when your child is studying with a learning partner, as mentioned in the above point. One can become the student; the other can become the tutor and vice-versa. 

Not only is it a whole new learning experience for primary school students, but also an effective way to boost their subject scores. However, keep in mind that the kids don’t need to be an expert before teaching a particular concept. Just explaining the respective topic in the best way according to their understanding is enough. Because the main motive behind this practice is to ensure participation from the learners’ end.

Opt For Private Home Tuition

If any of the above methods don’t bring any improvements in your child’s Maths scores, consider hiring a private Mathematics tutor. Most primary school students can’t deal with a complicated subject like Maths on their own. Therefore, providing them with an experienced and knowledgeable teacher’s assistance is the best way to benefit their learning.

Moreover, a private tutor is already familiar with the students’ common learning mistakes. Hence, they use tutoring methods that eliminate their learning irregularities. Furthermore, the teacher explains the actual meaning behind the concepts, providing a better learning experience to the child compared to rote learning.

A private tutor can trigger curiosity in young learners’ minds that encourages them to know why a particular formula or theorem is implemented that way. After understanding the basic concepts, the kids find it easy to solve Mathematical problems, which facilitates good grades for them in the exam.


Subjects like Mathematics need to be learnt properly, right from the primary school level, to develop a stronghold on the basic concepts. Besides, it also helps kids score good marks in exams, in the constantly increasing academic competition. 

You can use the tips mentioned above to ensure the best learning experience for your child. This way, the kids will not only be able to manage their academic tasks effectively but also gain knowledge while learning.