8 Ways to Increase Your Salary as a Teacher: Getting the Raise You Deserve

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has affected the entire world. The impact of the war has been evident in the reduced flow of agricultural and fuel imports which has caused prices to rise. Due to this, inflation spiked by up to 8.6% in May. This spike is one of the highest in 40 years. 

Inflation has significantly affected the global population. With the current food and gas prices, every cent counts. It is time for you to cut down on unnecessary spending and sail through the storm. Some of the easiest ways to cut down your expenditure include:

  • Eating at home
  • Reducing your subscriptions
  • Using public transport, cycling, or walking
  • Reducing your household bills
  • Buying cheaper brands at the store

Come up with a budget to manage your spending. However, reducing your spending can only get you so far. You may need more income. Getting a second job is the best option for most people. However, in these conditions finding employment is quite hard.

Your second-best option is asking for a raise. Asking your boss for a raise is one way to go about it, but they may decline. The alternative ways for a teacher to increase their salary include:

  • Increasing Your Qualification

Teachers with higher education get paid more. The entry qualification for a teaching career is a bachelor’s degree. Most teachers are comfortable with this and aim to get raises by increasing their years of experience.

That is a solid approach. However, getting more qualifications will get you a raise sooner. The pay scale of most school districts depends on several merits. Some include your years of experience, degree qualifications, and additional credits. 

Getting advanced courses for teachers has never been easier. There are very many advancement courses available online that offer specialized teaching certificates. The courses will increase your bargaining power when you request a salary increment. The best part is the classes are online

  • Teach After School Activities

One easy way to get some extra dollars on your salary is by leading and overseeing afterschool activities. Coaching a sport, running a club, or any other after-school activity available in your school will increase your salary. The positions come with a stipend.

Many schools offer more incentives if you can get your students to be competitive. Your stipend will increase as you make your way up the leagues and championships ranks to the national level. You will also gain recognition if you can consistently get your students to compete at a national level.

  • Take Leadership Roles at School

You can also increase your salary by taking up leadership roles within your school. The leadership roles include heading a department, test monitoring, becoming the union representative, and mentoring new teachers.

If you lack the skills, there are multiple online classes for teachers which can help you take up leadership. The courses target to get you leadership roles for a salary increase. 

  • Teach During the Summer

The summer break presents a great opportunity to make extra cash. Some teachers opt to get a part-time job for the period, while others choose to take a rest. Rather than idle during the summer break, you can volunteer to teach summer school. 

Summer school teachers are offered a stipend for the period. The extra cash may be what you need to supplement your annual salary.

  • Take up an Administrative Role

You can also choose to kickstart your administrative career to get a salary increase. The median annual salary of a school principal is about $40,000 more than that of a teacher. For some teachers, the gap is slightly even more. 

There are several roles you can target in the school setting. Some include the principal, vice principal, or dean of students. You can also look at the district level and aim at being the director or superintendent. The different roles come with massive salary increments.

However, there are shortcomings in leadership roles. One problem is that these positions take you out of the classroom. The roles also require additional credentials to fill. You may even need an extra degree. The roles also have a higher level of responsibility and accountability. 

  • Move to a Region With Higher Salaries

Teachers are paid different salaries for the same position in different districts. The difference in pay is because some districts have a higher tax base for each pupil. The result is higher pay for teachers. Also, in some districts, parents can pay more for better services by the teachers.

Changing locations may not be the easiest thing to do but it can increase your chances of a better income. If you can move, consider states like New York, California, and Connecticut. They have some of the highest-paid teachers. However, you should consider the cost of living in the areas before moving.

  • Tutoring

You can also make money out of class tutoring local students. There are several methods to go about tutoring after school hours. You can tutor in groups, online, or at an individual level. There are online platforms that allow teachers to enroll as tutors.

Parents are always willing to pay extra to give their children the best education. If you can successfully tutor a student to excellence, more parents will approach you for your services. This is the ripple effect of good services.

  • Invigilate Standardized tests

Throughout high school, there are multiple tests a learner has to take. The common tests include the American College Test (ACT), Advanced Placement, and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). You can sign up and become a proctor for the tests in your area.

All you need to do is ensure the students do the examinations following the rules and without cheating. Invigilating these exams is simple and will help you make extra money during the weekends or holidays.


You may always need to make more money to live a comfortable life. However, cutting down your expenditure can make living within your means easier. You can also opt to look for legal ways to increase your salary.

As a teacher, you have several ways to earn more while at work or out of work. You can also increase your salary by increasing your qualifications through online classes for teachers available to you or getting a higher degree. The options are in abundance.