Tips for Preparing and Hunting Aoudad Out in the Desert

Aoudad sheep are some of the toughest animals that you’ll ever hunt. They’re sharp, fast, and strong. If you come up against one without weapons, and you tick him off, then you’re in for it. So, to help you hunt down this noble beast, here are 4 tips for hunting Aoudad. 

Tips for Hunting Aoudad in the Desert

  1. Get in Shape Before the Hunt 

Make sure you’re in shape before you take on the Aoudad. They won’t give you an easy stalk. It’s important that you should train yourself for a long stalk and for a patient hunt. You’ll have to climb over hills, race across plains, and wait out the heat. Without the proper physical preparation, it’s not possible to get the hunt you desire. The hunt expects as much from you as you do from it.  

  1. Plan Your Stalk 

You may only spot the Aoudad sheep when they’re ever drinking at a watering hole or resting. They’re constantly moving around otherwise. It’s amazing how well they blend in since they’re busy critters. You must track them meticulously to make sure you don’t lose them in the wilderness. They can cover 1000 yards within a few minutes, and you’ll have missed them. 

So, move quickly, keep checking their position, and never give yours away. This may sound taxing, and it is, but it’ll be worth it in the end. The Aoudad are the definition of a great hunt. 

  1. Dress in Layers to Avoid the Cold 

Even though the temperatures can soar in the day, you shouldn’t neglect to bring layers. The morning and evening temperatures will get chilly really fast. Also, the wind in the desert is unpredictable and can hit you like a punch in the cold. 

So, bringing along layers is a great idea. 

  1. Take Along a Long-Range Shooting Rifle or Bow 

While Aoudads will go down against a skilled bowman, that’s what they will require, skill. However, if you have a rifle with you, the chances of your success will rise exponentially. Hence, you should take along long-range rifles will you. My favorite is the 300 Win. However, you could take along whatever you prefer. 

The Aoudad are tough, and they won’t go down easy, even with the best of shots. But then, that is the thrill of the game. 

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