Things to note when shopping for Outdoor Projector Enclosure

You may be planning to invest in a branded home theater system to enjoy your movies. It is best developed around a projector. But then do consider investing in an acoustic ceiling and a premium project screen to derive that immersive movie experience. You may have finalized the latest projector within your budget as well as installed the recliner seats. What next? Where should be the projector installed to avail top viewing experience while being secure.

Choose a good projector enclosure

Perhaps, you are searching for projector cage and projector mounts features and prices. But it is undoubtedly the wrong place to start focusing. You can come across several buying guides helping people to shop for their choice of outdoor projector enclosures. They are mostly focused on diverse projector shapes, sizes and brands. Several factors are to be taken into consideration to ensure making the right selection.

Where to position the projector?

Before checking out projector enclosure brochure, determine the place to position it. If the desire is to install it away from line of sight of the viewer, then mount it on the wall or ceiling. High projector placement can be ideal to avoid obstruction if people move before the project’s light. Getting the projector mounted on the ceiling is likely to make it in inverted position. Some brands are not designed to be inverted. Then invest in a custom projector enclosure or outdoor TV cabinet.

Difference between Universal and Dedicated Ceiling Projector enclosures

You have the option to select from dedicated or universal enclosures if the plan is to mount the device on the ceiling. Dedicated enclosures come with specific screw hole arrangements. It will match perfectly the holes of specific brands. Universal mounts are generally designed with movable screw holes. Thus, holes can be moved around for matching the pattern present on the device. If selecting universal enclosures, arm extensions should be aligned properly with holes. This ensures the projector is held properly in its place.

Is the projector to be placed outdoors or indoors?

This is an important question that you need to get answer for. Indoor projectors involve fewer worries as it is safe within the confinements of the room. But if the device is to be installed outside, then there are several harsh elements from which it requires proper and adequate protection. You need to consider about vandals, heat, humidity, electricity, water, pests, etc. Without considering them, your expensive device is prone to getting stolen or damaged.

Outdoor enclosures desired features

  • Protection: Buy outdoor an enclosure for your projector that is constructed with durable materials, fitting and robust design. It should be damage and weather-resistant. During hot, sunny days, the enclosure should provide adequate ventilation to the device even when it is used continuously.
  • Appearance: The enclosures should be designed in a manner to protect the device from natural, harsh environments. It includes underground, swimming pools or outside. Also should be provided anti-theft locking mechanism to avoid theft. An eye-catchy design should get you praise for your worthy choice.
  • Construction: It should be designed with strong materials allowing it to hold the device weight firmly. Remember, different projectors come with different weights. Hence before purchasing an enclosure, find if it will fit your desired or owned projector device comfortably. Hence, do check the enclosure joints and hinges.
  • Heat and moisture: Projectors being electronic devices tend to generate plenty of heat. This, in turn, tends to make different components within the device to expand. Hence, the enclosure’s design should permit heat to escape outside. Thus, the device will refrain from excessive heating, which otherwise will damage it permanently.
  • Material: Avoid steel-based enclosures as this material is termed to be conduct heat poorly. Heat will only remain within the enclosure thereby damaging the device. Rather, select those made from aluminum that eliminates heat efficiently. But aluminum is prone to getting corroded if exposed to harsh weather elements. Hence, the enclosure is to have anodizing paint layer to ensure being corrosion-free.
  • Shape: The enclosure should be big enough to fit the projector inside perfectly. Also, it should have adequate space within to dissipate heat outside. More the enclosure surface area, more is likely the heat amount to get trapped around the device. Hence, avoid choosing the largest one available. Do get a good design.
  • Soundproof: Fans inbuilt within the projector also tends to make lots of sound. Fans are essential to cool the device during its operation. To eliminate unwanted sound, invest only in soundproof enclosures. Thus, you can enjoy your movies and not get worried about irritating humming sound generated by the fans. The enclosures will be designed with insulating or sound absorbing foam.

Consider the above factors

Only after checking out the above factors and carrying out proper research should you go ahead to plan an enclosure. The right one will fit your outdoor projector enclosure and also allow you to watch your choice of entertainment in the yard with your