Things to know about the Delphia 11 Diesel

The Delphia 11 Diesel introduces a new range geared to quiet cruising on lakes and rivers. The Delphia 11 has a cruising speed of 7 knots and an impressive range of 1000 miles. It offers comfortable seating for up to 10 adults and children with plenty of storage. The boat’s two 18hp engines allow for a powerful, yet quiet drive that provides an increased range without sacrificing safety or speeds quickly and moves through the water. It is the top choice for people who value quality and comfort in their boating experience.

The Delphia 11 Diesel series introduces a new range of boats built to cruise through calm waters and lakes. They have an amazing 750-horsepower engine with twin tandem axial flow engines that are both efficient and environmentally friendly. We are happy to introduce the new Delphia 11 Diesel with its impressive 750-horsepower engine. The new Delphia 11 Diesel will cruise at 7 knots and has an amazing 1000 mile range – without a jerry can of fuel! 

Delphia 11 Diesel

– The inside of the main cabin is roomy and well-designed for comfort. There are plenty of storage areas as well as comfortable bench seats for all onboard entertainment needs. A nice, padded berth is located in the bow for children under 11.

– The swim platform has a large, stylish swim ladder and three simple steps. There is also a small seat for parents to relax on when the kids want to swim.

– The rear deck has two lockers and two flip-up seats to use as a sunpad or extra seating when on the open seas. Additional storage is provided by three lockers, one hanging locker and three drawers. Also included are 3 wardrobes with movable shelves and 2 cupboards which can be used as additional lockers.

– The galley is equipped with a full-size fridge, a microwave oven and a sink. There is also space for food preparation on the countertop and 3 drawers with movable shelving. There is no sink in the galley (there is one in the main cabin), but it has plenty of counter space.

– If you’re planning on staying at anchor for several nights, then take a look at both side decks. On the starboard side there’s a hatch that serves as both an additional locker area and storage space for fishing tackle or other beach accessories you may have brought along. A large cooler can be stored below it, as well.

Final verdict:

We need to make a strong point about the Delphia 11 Diesel’s interior. It is great and very spacious, but it doesn’t have real hanging lockers. The lack of these is rare and we didn’t care for it one bit. In the galley, we found plenty of space for food preparation. Overall, the cabin was very nice and functional with plenty of storage space for all your fishing supplies or other beach accessories. It’s a comfortable boat, we like the ride. The boat is easy to handle and we didn’t notice a lot of wake disturbance.