The Value of Quality Content Writing

Nothing is more aggravating than searching for a solution to a query on Google, opening a link, and seeing that the article has a wonderful title but does not answer your question (or provide any answers!). Google recognizes this, which is why they track bounce rate. High bounce rate website links are less likely to appear in future searches, which benefits searchers but may hinder your marketing efforts.

Many people believe that “content is king.” At book writing group, we think that context is more essential than substance. Google appears to concur, as evidenced by the introduction of Hummingbird. According to Search Engine Land, “If you used a search engine in the early days of the Internet, you’ll remember how difficult it may be to discover what you’re looking for when your expertise of a certain subject was limited.” Hummingbird attempted to address this issue by focusing on synonyms and theme-related topics.”

As digital marketing tactics strive to incorporate more content, the demand for freelance writing grows, but as I’ve previously stated, you get what you pay for when it comes to freelance writing. Nonetheless, for small firms, the necessity for high-quality content adds another chore to already-overflowing to-do lists and is easily outsourced.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, “unique, high-quality material combined with creativity boosts SEO efforts.” Our goal at book writing group is to assist our clients in connecting with their target buyers. Because all of the material we create incorporates that strategy, what is the point of spending time creating and publishing content that no one will see?

Here are some of the reasons why high-quality content writing is worthwhile.

Long-Term Investment in Content

A great piece of blog material will keep shoppers coming back to your social media and website for a long time. Some of the most frequently sought content at book writing group is from two or more years ago because it is still relevant today. High-quality writing not only continues to draw readers in search, but it is also easily recycled.

By converting the content into a video or infographic, you may extend the initial investment of purchasing an article, allowing for layers of opportunities to draw the attention of your prospective consumer with no effort.

Thoroughly researched

Because most freelance businesses pay by word count, the writer has no motivation to investigate your organization and learn about the unique characteristics that set you apart from the competitors. This frequently results in blog posts or emails that offer broad notions about your business but lack individuality.

Professionals in the industry have different philosophies. When a content writer lacks a complete understanding of your specific convictions, they are unable to create pieces that showcase your company’s concepts, mission, and values.

At book writing group, we’ve built a team of content writers who collaborate with our account managers to create content that is always on brand. While many businesses choose content based only on price, we know that this technique delivers inferior material.

Our in-house authors are each assigned to a different account. As a team member, they understand that the more exactly our content expresses a client’s personality and mission, the happier they are; they are involved in the account as part of the book writing group team.

Having a complete image of the content calendar as well as the company’s buyer persona allows our authors to develop material with a shared topic, generating a more cohesive story.

Personality Tests

One of the most difficult aspects of content creation is accurately reflecting the personality of a firm. Even if a business owner creates their own material, there is no guarantee that the reader would recognize the intended tone.

The better a writer understands a client’s preferences, such as how much comedy to include or which sources to mention for precise data, the greater the quality of the content and the more accurately your personality is portrayed.

Inclusion of SEO

High-quality content writers recognize the need of incorporating SEO best practices into each blog post, web page, and email they compose. There are numerous details that contribute to a piece of content being high-quality for SEO.

Consider the following details:

  • External and internal hyperlinks
  • Links that are contextually relevant
  • Headers \sLists
  • 400 words or more in lengths
  • Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are all correct.

You may spend a little more for high-quality material, but you will save time proofreading and rearranging articles to reflect SEO best practices.

Being Human

High-quality SEO-focused content feels like it came from the company that paid for it, not a third-party writer. As you read a blog post, ask yourself the following HubSpot questions:

Is this how a regular person would phrase things?

How will someone react if they read what I’ve written?

Are my points clear enough? Answering yes to each of these questions will help you establish that you are dealing with a great content writer who is delivering high-quality articles.

SEO incorporation

High-quality content writers understand the need of applying SEO best practices into every blog post, web page, and email they create. There are numerous details that contribute to a piece of content being high-quality for SEO.

Consider the following particulars:

  • Hyperlinks, both external and internal
  • Links that are relevant to the situation
  • Headers sLists of at least 400 words Punctuation, spelling, and grammar are all correct.

You may have to pay a bit more for higher-quality content, but you will save time reviewing and rearranging pieces to suit SEO best practices.