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The Top 10 Best Webtoon Websites For Fans To Read Online 2022

Nowadays, the popularity of Webtoon has been increasing rapidly all over the world. There are various reasons why people are attracted to reading Webtoon such as finding out the entire plot of a slow-releasing anime to finding out a Webtoonka’s unique art style and storyline. Light novel readers might find it to be the ideal chance to see their favorite characters portrayed in a fashionable way since this would pique their interest. 

As an anime fan, you may have at some point read scanlations with excessive advertising or questionably legal fan-translated comics that are shared on many different internet sites.  The content provided by Webtoon artists is weakened by choosing these solutions, even though they may be the “cheaper” option for you.  If you want to contribute to the anime franchise you love, there are wonderful, legal sites, some of which are free to read Webtoon or other comparable comic genres like manhwa or manhua.

  Here I’ll give you some legal websites for online reading your desired Webtoon. 


Readfreecomics is renowned as an authority in many  manhwa genre, and its reach extends to the Webtoon culture. New Webtoon titles are added to the website as soon as they are announced in Japan. On Readfreecomics, you can find a wide range of Webtoon, many of which are from well-known publishers such as Lezhin, Manycomic Entertainment, and others. 

Genre: Psychological, Comedy, Adventure, and others

Key features: 

  • It offers a big collection of manhwa of various genres.
  • Attack on Titan, Fairytail, and Naruto are all available.
  • It allows users to access Webtoon for free with a 30 day free trial

Price: $0.99 per month


Best webtoon is another great app for Webtoon lovers to experience. One of the largest Webtoon communities in Japan is undoubtedly the  best webtoons weekly. Give the website a try if you enjoy most Shonen Jump releases; you won’t regret it.

Main Webtoon titles: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, One Piece, One-Punch Man, and others.

Key features: 

  • It has a huge library containing over 10,000 episodes 
  • It’s available on IOS and Android devices
  • Users can access 1000 chapters per day with a subscription 

Price: $0.99 a month and pay-per-volume


Webtoon, one of the most famous websites for manhwa-based storie, merits a slot on this list. Popular books like Tower of God, unOrdinary, and The God of High School are directly related to this website.

Genre: Horror, romance manhwa, adventure, science fiction, and others.

Key features:

  • It provides a variety of manhwa, from horror tales to adventure-based series
  • It allows readers to read one chapter for free a day
  • Users can purchase coins to read more than one chapter
  • Readers can download webtoons for reading online

Price: Pay-Per-Chapter 


Most seasoned Webtoon readers are familiar with the website because is a prominent publisher of popular Webtoon series.

Main series: One-Punch Man, The Legend of Zelda, One Piece & Dragon Ball

Key features:

  • Over 4000 Webtoon volumes are available in the extensive collection on the Viz Webtoon website.
  • provides manhwa meaning and previews of new Webtoon releases.
  • Some well-known Webtoon are also published.

Price:  $0.99 a month.

  1. Tapas

Tapas is one of the most popular websites featuring the Webtoon subgenre, manhwa. The website also offers a variety of web novels to read. Although Tapas has a good website, the app is a better tool for experiencing what the business has to offer.

Top series: The Beginning After The End, Magical Boy, Adonis, Perfect Blend & others.

Key features: 

  • It enables readers to preview manhwa or books up to a predetermined point, typically six chapters.
  • Episodes can be unlocked by using points, inks, coins, and free chapter tickets. 
  • It has a broad range of genres such as comedy, adventures, romance, actions, and others. 

Price: $50 for 600 chapters.

  1. ComicWalker

If you want to read books for free completely, ComicWalker is an ideal place for you. 

Genre: High school, comedy, romance, fantasy, action, and others.

Key features:

  • It permits users to browse a variety of Webtoon in both English and Japanese, including comedies and action-packed books.
  • It’s available for both IOS devices and Windows products.
  • The interface is simple to use.
  • It offers a calendar, which lets visitors see the release dates of their favorite Webtoon series.

Price: Free


It’s likely that most manhwa lovers have heard of the Korean book publisher Naver. You can visit Freecomiconline, the organization’s website. Due to its publication of North American Webtoon, Webtoon from Freecomiconline is a fantastic online Webtoon reading resource.

Top Webtoon: Jujutsu Kaisen,  One Piece, Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, and others.

Key features:

  • It has a beautiful, simple-to-use interface.
  • IOS and Android products can be downloaded.
  • Users can read freely without ads and site glitches. 

Price:  Free

  1. Bookwalker

Kadokawa, a well-known animation studio, has an official online bookstore called Bookwalker. Depending on your option, you can access the store via its website or app. The website has both light novels and Webtoon series for readers to check out, making it the preferred online distribution channel for printed works in the anime community.

Genre: Supernatural, Shoujo, Shoujo, Fantasy, Adventure, and other genres.

Key features: 

  • Readers can quickly find new releases, critically acclaimed series, and Webtoon that are related to the anime brand.
  • Any social media-focused device, including MAC or Android-based gadgets, can access Bookwalker.

Price: $1-$8 Per Purchase.

  1. Coolmic

Another top-notch Webtoon website is Coolmic, which has a small number of restrictions and only supports mobile browsers. The website teamed with Kodansha USA Publishing in August 2020 to transfer the company’s comics to the site, allowing readers to savor more content on the platform.

Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Shonen, and Seinen.

Key features:

  • It offers users a big collection of Webtoon with various genres.
  • You can get free access to your favorite Webtoon’s first chapter.
  • Users can get further episodes with four to seven tickets.

Price: $0.50 – $2.00 Per Chapter.


Last but not least, is another site that offers both Webtoon and light novels for readers. Readers can sign up for to subscribe to their favorite series and receive weekly updates as soon as they are posted. is also not genre-restricted, so you can read whatever kind of Webtoon you choose, from those that are action-based to those that are more slice-of-life focused. 

Genre: Comedy, action, romance, isekai, and others.

Key features: 

  • You can read Part 1 of the stories to get a sense of the place and its eccentricities.
  • It allows you to get a huge collection of Webtoon and light novels.
  • It has a simple interface for users to use.

Price: Pay-Per-Purchase, $4.50 per month.

I’ve listed the 10 best sites for Webtoon lovers for online reading. Hope you all get the best experience with them.  If you are not able to excess any website due to your country internet policy you can use prywatnoscwsieci VPN to browse it.