The role of online education in enhancing the growth of creativity in the minds of students

The concept of online education has brought about significant changes in the educational landscape, therefore starting an evolution of the educational process across the world. It is important to highlight that considering the case study of India most education Institutions are mostly situated around the traditional methods of learning process. In such cases the traditional setup includes conducting face to face lectures in a closed classroom. Here the teachers generally make use of the method of using graphical representation that is mainly developed by the teachers in the classroom using blackboards that are present in the schools.

However, there are also several educational units across India that have slowly started making use of a blended process of learning thereby installing little amounts of Technical models so that the students can be provided with an opportunity to reinvigorate themselves and learn about new methods of Technology. Despite the changes that have been implemented it is important to highlight that in most schools across the country there has been little efforts undertaken to bring about changes to the implementation of modern technologies so that better support can be provided to the students. 

It is one of the major reasons why online teaching is considered to be an opportunity to bring about an evolution in the educational institutions and change the perception about how education should be provided to the students. The sudden start of the covid-19 pandemic can thereby be considered a boon for the Indian educational industry as it pushed educational institutions across the country to shift to modern methods so that the students can be provided with better exposure to different kinds of educational process.

It was because of this pandemic situation that many educational institutions that were reluctant to bring about a change in their educational methods had to shift online overnight so that their location of the students would not be hampered. This caused the academic Institutions to bring about major changes to their traditional approaches when it comes to the teaching process. Most teachers did not know how to teach online before the pandemic started. However, through the use of modern methods even the teachers have now been able to upgrade themselves while learning about different modern techniques and methods that can provide better support to the students in the classroom.

Through the implementation of online education the students have also been provided with an opportunity to mix with international standards of educational process thereby enhancing their knowledge on the different kinds of educational concepts and methods that are present. In most cases one of the major barriers to the students in the Indian educational system regarding innovation and creativity has been lack of information. This issue has been effectively mitigated with the start of online education where the students use channels such as YouTube, and other blog posts have been provided with an opportunity to learn about different kinds of innovations that are going on across the globe.

This has also resulted in the development of ideas that has made it interesting for the students to apply these methods in practical models which are mostly being made by the students themselves in their homes using everyday materials. increasing curiosity that has been witnessed among the students has led to you know Innovation and creativity and their Minds thereby enhancing the learning process. The students have also found it interesting to learn about different kinds of Technologies that are available and how through its implementation they can develop programs and computer languages thereby leading to more personal growth that has been reflected in the classroom.

Benefits of learning modern technology

The students have been provided with several benefits when it comes to the learning of new methods and formulas through whose implementation they have been able to enhance the creativity in their Minds by working on models. The teachers also played an important role in encouraging the students to indulge in these activities from the comfort of their own homes and ensure that the creativity is further enhanced. Each of the suspects combined together has a lot of benefits for the future of the country.

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