The process of getting a Turkey visa for Pakistani citizens

Pakistan and Turkey have really close strategic and personal relationships, and the most important reason behind it is that both of them are Islamic and progressive countries. Now, if you are planning on visiting turkey and are thinking do I need a visa for turkey? Then the simple answer to your question is yes! Pakistanis need a visa to turkey by if they want to visit the country. Today it is not at all difficult to get a turkey online visa because Pakistan and turkey have an e-visa agreement to support tourism and strengthen ties.

Now there are two ways to get the via turkey. One is online, and the other one is via a direct application. In this post, we are going to tell you about the process of getting a turkey visa both ways.

Process of getting a visa to turkey 

Follow the process that we have discussed below:

How to get a Turkish visa online?

Let us talk about the digital method first because today, we are living in the digital world, and people today are more interested in getting their work online rather than putting in manual efforts. So the online method is explain in the steps below:

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of the Turkish government where they have launched e-visa applications. Simply open your browser and navigate to, and you can find the form and the complete details of how to get the turkey visa online.
  • On the site, you are going to find the online form. Now you have to fill out this form and provide all the necessary information in it. Not only do you have to add info, but you also attach documents that are required for verification.
  • After completing the form, you have to pay the fee for the online visa. You can make the payment through your bank account quite easily. Once the payment is made, you can submit the application.
  • If your application gets approve, you will get the e-visa within less than an hour in your mail.

How to get a Turkish visa via the direct application?

If for some reason, you don’t want to follow the online procedure and get the e-visa, then you can also make a formal application to the Turkish foreign ministry via the Turkish embassy in Islamabad. For this kind of visa, you need to fill out the paper application form, attach the documents with the form and select an appointment date. 

Visa to Turkey will be issue to you after the appointment. You would be call for an interview at the embassy, in which you need to tell the authorities about your purpose of visit and answer other relevant queries.

These are the two procedures following which you can get a visa to Turkey in Pakistan. Just make sure that you religiously follow the travel restrictions and the Turkey visa requirements. So stop thinking and start preparing your application before finalizing your trip to Istanbul.