Amazing reasons of visiting Chennai

Chennai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is the state capital of Tamil Nadu, and it is worth visiting if you want to sense the presence of culture and language that predates the Roman Empire. Because it is in the south of India, you will be able to sample the delicious south Indian cuisine. Also, because Chennai lies on the coast, the weather is lovely all year. While visiting Chennai people will definitely need to stay somewhere, to spend some time in Chennai, staying in the best hyatt regency Chennai is the best option

Chennai, as one of India’s major cities, has a rich tradition and legacy. Aside from that, Chennai is a traditional city that is renowned for being the leader/initiator of many things. People here are simple to associate with since they are quick to help and quite conventional in their attitude. Chennai’s tourism provides several potentially intriguing destinations to visitors, which is why people come here frequently for its inexpensive tourism, shopping, and lively entertainment. This city is well-known for many things, but it is best known as India’s cultural centre. It is a must-see in Tamil Nadu.

 Let us look at a few of the reasons because of which every person should visit Chennai at least once. 

  • Undoubtedly, chants from the Bible wake up Chennai. As the city sleeps, magnificent gopurams, vibrant rangolis, the aroma of fresh mallipoo, and the sacred smell of sambrani and of tree sandalwood will whisk you away to a realm of divinity and tranquilly. It’s astounding to believe that there is a temple, church, or mosque on each lane, street, and road. People from all different religions come together to celebrate festivals. From playing with colours in Holi and spending on sweets in Diwali to dining on biryani on Eid and spreading Christmas happiness, Chennaites will undoubtedly be found celebrating them all in good spirits and affection – a feeling synonymous with home away from home.

With its huge elegant structures, the city is the birthplace of British-era architecture. Regardless of the season, this attraction draws a large number of travellers to the city to explore. People from Chennai work harder to preserve their legacy, which is possibly why Indians stand out from other countries when it comes to sustaining their own country’s traditions through following culture.

  • The Marina Beach, a microcosm of the city, is Chennai’s pride and delight, immortalised in countless films. However, Elliots Beach has surpassed Marina as the city’s favoured beach. Sunrises, sunsets, and moonrises are all spectacular. I’ve been foolish enough to attempt to photograph the sea roughening up shortly before a cyclonic storm. The East Coast Road, which goes all the way up towards Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry, may be the city’s best drive, though.

In December, the city lives up to its billing as the cultural capital of the year. As concerts and performances fill the air, all of the city’s sabhas come alive with classical music and dancing. However, it is not limited to December. The classical season lasts all year. After all, this is Kalakshetra and the Music Academy’s home. However, it is not only about Carnatic music and dance. There are several theatrical festivals, modern dance festivals, and international film festivals throughout the year. And then there are the movies. 

  • Every youngster growing up in Chennai could not have missed Guindy Park and Snake Park, two animal areas in the city’s centre that were on every school’s trip schedule. From kindergarten to third grade, I attended there every year. This was originally a game reserve and part of a tropical dry evergreen forest, but it is now a national park. Despite being blocked off from the nearby Raj Bhavan and IIT campus, this ecosystem is home to deer and black bucks. Chennai does not disappoint wildlife and birding aficionados.
  • More reasons than simply dosai, and kaapi draw people to this location. Despite the city’s plethora of Saravana Bhavans and Sangeethas, it is a non-paradise for vegetarians, with sea food restaurants and hot Chettinadu cuisine topping the pack. Ponnusamys or Karaikudi have a good selection of fish, birds, and beef. Apart from Indian food, the city has various restaurants serving Greek, , Italian, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. Every five to seven-star hotel has a variety of restaurants, lounge bars, and coffee shops.
  • If the place we live in becomes a fun-loving platform for people, life would never be dull. Chennai screams for amusement via numerous outlets such as sports and films. Theatres are widely available across the city allowing moviegoers to unwind with low-cost tickets. The Theosophical Society’s Huddleston Gardens is a sanctuary of peace; it was developed for a worldwide brotherhood where there is no discrimination among human beings and to integrate the greatest teachings of all religions in order to increase the quality of mankind and its strength.
  • Chennai, India’s cultural capital, is served with heritage temples. Kapaleeswarar Temple is one of the city’s oldest temples, yet the building does not appear to be 400 years old. The temple is a great example of Dravidian sculpture and construction. Several other temples located around Chennai are also notable for their legacy. Taking the famed shore temples by the Pallava Kingdom, widely known as Mahabalipuram, has piqued the interest of visitors who want to visit it. People come here frequently for religious reasons or to appreciate the architecture.
  • In Chennai, over 70% of the population resides in one location, which is Shopping. Chennai is a shopping paradise for all shopaholics since it caters to the demands of individuals from all over the world. Only a few localities in Chennai are well-known for their low-cost shopping, regardless of the product category. From colourful ethnic markets to bustling wholesale stores, Chennai is a shopping destination that caters to both the street shopper and the luxury shopper. All locations import materials, allowing consumers to acquire a wide range of collections at extremely low costs, and a large audience is constantly present.

In the above article we have discussed a number of reasons for people to visit Chennai.  staying in the best hyatt regency Chennai is the best optionwhenever people visit Chennai. Every individual should visit Chennai as it is one of the best places in India to explore.