The Effects of Water & Diet over the Joints

Our day-to-day diet plays a major role in a healthy life. It determines the vitamins and necessary minerals and other constituents that are essential for our body. It has a vast impact on our body and its response to different cases. For example, diseases, injuries their healing rates are somehow interlinked to our diet. So, here we are going to discuss its impact on our Joints.

Improving drinking water

As we know how much water is important for our vitals. It is, therefore, necessary to consume the right quality of water. To get the right water source you can trust Piurify. They provide the advanced hydrogen water generator that not only purifies the water, but also infuses hydrogen to make it more helpful for people, especially for people with arthritis-like conditions. They believe to provide their customers with the best hence they keep trying to improve their products. Also, the products are well tested before it reaches their buyers.

About Arthritis

It is a condition of inflammation in the joints that causes severe pain and stiffens the joints. It is mostly seen in adults that gradually worsen with age. It is associated with different causes, which might be infections, autoimmune conditions, wear and tear of the ligaments, or any other injury. Its two most common types are:

  • Osteoarthritis: in this type, the cartilage present at the end of the joints is affected severely leading to its degeneration and causing severe pain to the patients. Gradually, the bones start getting broken and due to this reason, it is also named wear and tear Arthritis or degenerative joint disease.
  • Rheumatic Arthritis: it is an autoimmune disorder where the own antibody of the body starts attacking the normal cells of the joint capsule leading to the severe destruction of the bone, cartilage, and ligaments. Its clinical features include other systematic manifestations.

Impact of diet on the joints

  • Diet for sore joints: a proper diet for a healthy joint includes food rich in antioxidants, high nutrient values, and healthy fats instead of unsaturated fats. Such a diet includes nuts, fresh fruits, olive and olive oils, legumes, beans, grains, fibers, fish, etc.
  • Plenty of water: drinking sufficient water is very crucial for joints as well as for a healthy life. As it not only cushions the joints, but also has other benefits like flushing harmful bacteria, digestion, prevention of constipation, etc.

However, not every water is suitable for our body as tap water and bottled water contain harmful constituents like harmful bacteria, toxins, and chemicals, and sometimes the tap water is contaminated.

  • Alkaline product: alkaline food and drinks are suitable for people with joint inflammation as they react with the accumulated acids and provide relief to the patient. Also, this is helpful for patients with gastrointestinal issues as it reduces the acidity in the stomach.


However, when it comes to joints one of the best things to consume is hydrogen water. It is evident from multiple types of research that hydrogen water with its anti-oxidant property protects the joint from oxidative damage.