The Best VPNs That Work with Hulu

We’ve run over 10,000 Hulu streaming tests since 2016, and many VPN services fail to unblock the popular video content platform.After testing 56 VPN services with Hulu, we’ve identified three that consistently unblock Hulu from any country.Express Hulu  is the best VPN for Hulu, delivering very fast long-distance speeds connecting to America from overseas.We experienced no buffering or loading time when watching Hulu’s movies and TV shows using ExpressVPN.While there are no streaming-dedicated servers, unlike CyberGhost, this doesn’t matter as all successfully spoofed our IP location and bypassed Hulu’s geo-restrictions.

Importance of Hulu VPN 

The Hulu VPN services keep your IP address passwords ,location and other identifying data safe from hackers or big data collectors .So if you want to keep your information away from big tech companies and malicious attackers a Hulu VPN might be right for you. And some of the best benefits of a Hulu VPN .They are affordable and easy to use.Hulu VPN services cost as little as the ExpressVPN. It is also a great VPN for Japan and the best VPN for streaming Japanese Hulu. 

Streaming Channel with Hulu VPN

It comes with three server locations in Japanese cities, including Tokyo and Osaka.ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer also works well with Hulu and other US streaming channels. The VPN’s Smart DNS service lets you watch Hulu on your Smart TV and other devices lacking native VPN compatibility.The Hulu VPN’s apps have built-in DNS and IPv6 leak protection to prevent accidental exposures of your real IP address too. This makes it much harder for Hulu to detect you’re using a VPN.ExpressVPN isn’t perfect, though. Its main drawback is its price. The cheapest subscription plan is double NordVPN, which performsDespite the pricier subscription, ExpressVPN is still great value, but NordVPN performs almost just as well with Hulu.

Just like ExpressVPN, NordVPN has a Smart DNS tool to unblock streaming apps on games consoles and Smart TVs, and a functional app for Amazon Fire TV.

Also, NordVPN is one of the most private VPNs we’ve reviewed. IP and DNS leak protection are enabled by default.Combined with its effective kill switch, these privacy features prevent Hulu from seeing your real IP location while the VPN is running.

NordVPN only costs $3.29 per month on a two-year plan. While this is cheaper than ExpressVPN initially, NordVPN renews at a similar cost to ExpressVPN.


So if you want to keep your information away from big tech companies and malicious attackers a VPN might be right for you.And some of the best benefits of a VPN .They are affordable and easy to use VPN services cost as little as a few dollars month .The software is intuitively designed so you can use it even if you are a beginner to internet privacy. Understanding the pros and cons of VPN can help you decide if you should use one .