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The Best Tools To Create Content In 2022

I have found it necessary to make a compilation of the ten best tools. Because they have helped me create content not only for the blog but also for social networks, videos, podcasts, and other channels. As a result, I am sure you, too, will have a presence.

I have to say that these tools to create content are not only in my top ten this year, but in any year they will continue to be among my favorites.

The reason is simple. All these tools have saved me a lot of time in my day-to-day life. And they have allowed me to manage all the tasks related to content creation efficiently.

Tools to create content: Top 10

These tools to create content that I am going to name next are not focused exclusively on one area but on many. And now you will see what I mean.

Whether you are responsible for creating quality content for your brand or a professional in the marketing or communication sector, this list will help you with different tasks:

  • Planning and generation of ideas.
  • Spelling correction.
  • Content dissemination.
  • Lead capture.
  • Ai video generator

1) Instagram Stories

Instagram was our unfinished business, but without a doubt, this 2022, the Story format has become my great ally (and that of most brands and content creators).

I have verified this in the statistics. And I obtain a great reach in the publications and it helps me generate great interaction among my followers.

For this reason, this has become one of my tools not only to spread content but also to get inspiration and create more and better.

2) SEO Writing Assistant de SEMrush

It is a wizard very similar to SEO Yoast in WordPress. So if you do not use this content manager, or you simply want a more specific assistant that evaluates the optimization and readability parameters in a more precise way, SEMrush’s SEO Writing Assistant is an option that I recommend.

3) Google Docs

Google Docs is a must for teamwork and creating text content. Also, a top feature of this tool is that you can share Google Docs files online.

Google Suite is ideal for helping entrepreneurs and businesses manage their projects. Because it allows you to connect with your colleagues wherever they are, work on the same document in real-time, create and store them in the cloud, and manage your users, devices, and data securely.

4) Monday

Monday, more than helping you create content, is a tool that helps you organize your ideas in order to flow creatively.

For example, by this, I mean that a long time ago, on many occasions, I was blocked when it came to generating and organizing ideas in my editorial calendar. But since I discovered Monday, there is no day that my editorial calendar resists me.

5) Grammarly

Rare is the day that you don’t go in a hurry, trying to finish your tasks in the shortest time possible because others accumulate. But sometimes, the rush takes its toll.

In this sense, I am referring to making misspellings in the texts, whether in an email, Instagram post, or blog. Misspellings can negatively affect the credibility of your brand.

6) SlideGo

On this platform, you can download cool, professional, and original templates for free to create your own presentations in PowerPoint or Google Slides without having to be a designer.

SlideGo is a project launched by Freepik, a company that is also responsible for Flaticon. As a result, the designers who have created these templates have used the latest icon trends from Flaticon and vectors or photos from Freepik.

7) FlexClip

Another of the formats that I have opted for this year is video since it is a visual resource that arouses a lot of interest in users.

Whether it’s to create a tutorial and explain step by step how a tool works or to ask my followers something on Instagram Stories, you should use video in your content strategy to gain visibility and generate interaction.

FlexClip is the tool that helps me edit my videos and give them that creative touch to give a professional image.

8) Visme

Visme is the complete tool I know to create content in different formats:

  • Presentations
  • infographics
  • Documents and reports
  • Dynamic and interactive graphics
  • Pre-designed templates for social networks
  • Banners web
  • videos

9) Zencastr

From the video, we go to another very popular format at the moment, namely the podcast. A free tool for recording podcasts that I have found very useful is Zencastr. Although if you have a Mac, a much more practical application for this operating system is Garageband.

Without getting into the technical part of podcast editing, I have to say that creating content for podcasts is quite a challenge, even for those of us who are used to creating web content in different formats.

10) Leadpages

One way to convert a user into a customer or lead is through a landing page. And the perfect tool to create it is Leadpages.

A landing page is created with the aim of inviting the user to register for an event, hire a service, buy a product, or simply subscribe to your newsletter for free and, in return, receive valuable content (ebook, online course, etc.).

Therefore, the landing page is necessary to capture attention, generate interest, arouse desire, and call to action. This is known as the AIDA method.


These have been my top-ten tools to create content this year and will continue to be for 2022.

So if you also want to optimize your time and that your content, whatever the format you use, be impressive and effective, be sure to try all these tools that I consider essential for the process of planning, creating, and disseminating content.