15 Items You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times

Whether you are a newbie or have owned your car for many years now, some items should stay in your vehicle at all times. These items are critical for tricky situations, and can pretty much help you save yourself and the car in times of trouble, sometimes they can even save your life!

These items are necessary for legal reasons, for your safety, or can simply maintain your car value in Dubai!

For many gearheads, their cars are an extension of their personality, and the car becomes their second home. So, they like to take their car to the next level by adding items, pampering, and even upgrading their vehicle.

If you drive for long periods, you probably needed certain tools, items, and much other stuff.

Today, we’re going to list the most important tools and items you should keep in the vehicle at all times.

  1. Your Documents

You don’t know when you are going to need these papers, whether for legal, or personal reasons.

Just keep all of these papers and documents in one place in your car, better be safe and dry away from any unexpected accidents. (You might want to sell your car in Dubai, and you must keep all your papers safe!).

Anyway, keep all of these together:

  • Your driving license
  • Car registration
  • Insurance papers (in case of accidents)
  • Credit card
  • Identity card
  • The car manual (in case you required repairing something in the vehicle. The manual will help and guide you tons).

Spare Tire

Drivers riding their cars for long times or taking on long road trips might face many issues including the explosion of tires, which is a really frustrating and dangerous problem at the same time if not solved immediately.

If you have already made your preparations and put a spare tire in your trunk, you’ll be just ok, all you need to know is to know how to change it and you’re good to go!

Most cars nowadays come with a spare one by default. But anyway, keep in mind to buy a new tire when using the spare one to always keep yourself in the safe zone in case of any trouble.

Emergency Window Breaker

This tool comes in two shapes, the hammer and the spring-loaded one. You should always put this one inside the car to let yourself and the passengers out of the vehicle in times of emergencies.

Emergency Kit

Accidents happen all the time when you’re out there on the road, and an emergency kit is vital for such situations. Anyone could need immediate help till the ambulance or any kind of help arrives at the location.

Car Charger Mount

Sometimes you don’t know how long you will be driving before arriving at someplace where there is electricity to charge your phone.

If you’re one of those who like non-stop driving for many hours or you always have a low battery, this tool is a must for you to keep your phone charged, and therefore, connected to the world in case of emergencies.

This tool comes in handy, useful, and easy to install, it will rescue your phone battery when it’s dying.


Many of us forget to take our wallets with us when in hurry, keeping a sum of money in the car can save your day.


You might find yourself stuck in the middle of the night with a broken car, now, of course, you can use your mobile torch but it’s not practical as a flashlight.

Spare Blanket & Hoodie

This one is for cold days and winters, your air conditioning system could break down for any reason, and you don’t want to end up freezing inside of your car, that’s why you should always keep an extra blanket and a hoodie to keep yourself warm.

Spare Clothes & Shoes

You might spill your coffee on your t-shirt or jeans, and you may be in a hurry going to an important meeting at work and need a quick fix.

Keeping extra clothes in the car will help you in these times.

For ladies, try to always keep comfortable shoes in the car, you don’t know when you’ll get tired of that high heels and want some break from them!

Spare Umbrella & Towel

You can use the towel for many things. When it’s raining outside, you can dry yourself a little bit using it before sitting in your place. This is also the same reason why you should always keep an umbrella in the car, you don’t know when it’s going to start pouring rain, especially if you live in a cold place.

However, in the days of summer, the seats get really hot, especially if they are made of leather, sitting on them in this condition is the accurate definition of the word “uncomfortable”, placing the towel under you can save your day!


One of the most important and used items in the car, they can help you clean the dust off the windows, or save your nose when you have a cold!

Wipes & Other Cleaning Supplies

Many drivers ride their cars in the morning, after work, or after a long time parked in the sun only to find that the car smells really bad, or has dust on its paint.

Keeping some cleaning supplies to clean the car quickly and take coffee stains off is critical, (believe me, all of us have been there).


Having a sanitizer will be a great help when you cut your finger while changing the tires. It’s also essential when you are out camping.

A Water Bottle

A bottle of water is necessary when you are thirsty on the road, or just want to wash your hands quickly.

Pepper Spray

Whether you are a man or woman, pepper spray is important for your safety, anything can happen when you are away from populated areas. Taking an extra precaution will not cost you anything, on the contrary, it may even save your life!

Finally, every driver knows exactly what kind of items they might need, so if you don’t want to carry all of the above items with you, you can just pick the most critical ones for you. 

Don’t forget to enjoy your journeys and drive safe!

Author bio:

Mohamad Omary is the Managing Director of Car Wise. Sell My Car – CarWise Car Buyers – Dubai is a car buying company that has established itself as the go-to partner for those who want to quickly sell their used cars in the UAE; reaching 20,000 satisfied customers with their easy car selling process and excellent customer service. If you’re interested in finding out more about the most convenient way to sell any car in Dubai, visit CarWise.

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