The Best Order to Play Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition was recently released, and it includes all three games as well as practically all of their DLC in one tidy package. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition contains a lot of content to get through, especially if a player wants to experience everything that each game has to offer. There are numerous DLC packs to keep track of, and knowing when to play each one to best serve the story can be tough if one hasn’t played through it all previously.

While the majority of the DLC material in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is full expansions with their own stories, settings, and objectives, there are also several smaller packs that players won’t have to worry about as much. These DLCs all contain various weapons and things that players will come across as they play. They have, however, been updated to be found through research or vendors, so that players do not receive too powerful gear from the start of the game.

  1. Time Your Mass Effect 1 DLC Plays
  2. Bring Down The Sky

The only DLC to be concerned about in the first Mass Effect is the Bring Down the Sky quest, as the Pinnacle Station DLC is not included in the Legendary Edition. The DLC sends Shephard to the Asgard system, where a Batarian research outpost on an asteroid has been hijacked by militants. The organization is attempting to push the asteroid into the adjacent planet, Terra Nova, using the asteroid’s jet propulsion system, which could kill millions.

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The pack is one of the minor DLCs in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and it is available to players as soon as they get control of the Normandy and are ready to take on the Noveria, Feros, and Virmire. Bring Down the Sky is completely separate from the rest of the game’s story, so it can be finished at any point during a playthrough.

When Should You Play Mass Effect 2 DLC?

Normandy Crash Site

Mass Effect 2 features the most DLC packs in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, with a wide range of options. When first starting the game, players should complete the Normandy Crash Site DLC task. It’s a short mission, but it serves as a wonderful send-off for the first Mass Effect, as well as making the most narrative sense if played early on.

Seeing the ruins of the once-legendary Normandy is also rather haunting in its own right, adding to the mood and stakes of the new game. It’s evident that the threats Shepard will face throughout the series will only get more lethal, and the crushed remnants of a once-great Normandy foreshadow what can happen if the Reapers are allowed to run wild.

Getting Both Kasumi And Zaeed As Companions

Kasumi – Stolen Memory and Zaeed – The Price of Revenge, two DLCs that contribute to Mass Effect 2’s extensive companion list, can be accessed at any point throughout the game’s playthrough. They are best viewed as regular companion missions, and no particular placement in the narrative is required.

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Both of these companions appear to be disconnected from the events of the game. Which can detract from their overall quality. Having more individuals on the team is still beneficial, and Kasumi’s recruitment quest is especially fun.

Firewalker Pack

There are also missions included in the Firewaker Pack. These missions include players undertaking fetch and kill tasks with a new vehicle. It may be entirely bypassed unless players desire to play through to completion.

Most of these missions are merely glorified arenas in which players must contend with a plethora of adversaries. These combat encounters are enjoyable to go through, but the fact that they are completely disconnected from the main mission causes some issues of their own.

Final Thoughts

Of course, many players will have their own favourite timings and orders for completing the DLCs in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This strategy, on the other hand, should work well for anyone who doesn’t have a particular route or has never played the Mass Effect games before.

It takes a long time to complete all three games, so it will be interesting to watch how people react to it all after they are done. Hopefully, the director of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gets their dream of reviving the community’s perspective of the game’s finale. In any case, the Mass Effect trilogy are great games that should be played by aficionados.