How to Manage Your Sales Content Using Google Drive?

Managing your sales content is one of the hardest jobs ever. The thing that makes it so difficult is the sensitivity of handling it. Sales content plays a key role in selling new products and accelerating the already ongoing sales. Apart from it, listing all your sales content, categorizing them, and updating and shifting them, everything is a time taking and tiring process.

However, the problem can be solved pretty easily if you use your Google Drive to manage all your sales content. Yes, you read it right, Google Drive which is giving 50 GB data storage capacity on every google account can be used to store and manage your sales content. You just need to organize your data and learn how to use google drive labels and the rest will be a straightforward process.

You don’t need to think about how you are going to manage sales content and use google drive labels as we are going to tell you everything related to this. Following is a detailed guide about managing your sales content using your Google Drive.

Creating a Simple Folder Structure

Google Drive is simply cloud-based storage that gives you the same function as a hard drive. But you don’t have to carry it and can access it in any corner of the world. However, you cannot just start placing your sales content in Google Drive. You need to create a simple folder structure in your drive. This will allow you to create different folders for different categories.

If you don’t do so, everything will get mixed and you will find it more complicated than a hard drive. So, keep on maintaining everything from the start and use a simple folder structure as a core of your content organization. After that, you have to move data to these folders. You can integrate your content management tool such as Content Camel with Google Drive and transfer your data.

Standardized Searchable Naming

Naming every folder, every file, and anything else that you have stored in your Google Drive is one of the most integral steps of organizing your sales content in Drive. Just imagine if you don’t name your files properly then how will you find a few bytes catalog from storage of 50 GB? Though the automatic naming system will change the word count in front of your folders and files and name them in digits.

You cannot open and explore every file to check if it is the one you are looking for. Therefore, name every file and folder based on material or data present in it. This will make it easy to find any file by simply typing its name in the search bar.

Use Google Drive Labels

Using google drive labels is the most convenient method to personalized every single file or folder. It can also be used to emphasize the file that you like. Furthermore, it can also be used to prominent the metadata. For that purpose, you need to use badged labels on Google Drive. You can also create a badge label for your company in Google Drive.

Following is a detailed method to use Google Drive Labels

•           First of all, you need to open your Google Drive on your system or android.

•           Select a file and right-click on it. You will see a menu will open with certain options. Pick the label option from this menu.

•           Then you have to choose a label and set the value of your file. Apply a label and the work is done.

•           If you want to apply labels on bulk files, then select all the files and choose a label. The rest process is similar as you have to choose a dialogue and field value to apply the label.

Give Access

The last step is to give access to the sales content that you have organized in your Google Drive. You can choose the persons who can have access to it. You can also share Google Drive with the people whom you want to give access.

Final Words

See, how easy it is to manage your sales content using your Google Drive only. So, don’t let your Google Drive storage rest freely, and use it for organizing your data. And the best part is that it’s for free.