The 4 Best search query types

What do you do when you want something? Search! Sometimes it can be researched on the price, quality, or availability of a product or service, but everything starts with research. Have you ever wondered how search engines work? There is a lot of structure behind search engines. You will get to know some main pillars, essential knowledge for anyone who works with SEO or wants to be a professional.

The four primary categories of search questions will be covered in the topics below. There are numerous more query sorts, but let’s concentrate on the most common ones because once you understand how the large ones operate, it will be much simpler to comprehend the smaller or less well-known ones. Even if you are not an SEO expert, it is still interesting to be aware of it, especially if you create internet material, as doing so requires public demand.

In addition to having the creativity to create content, it is necessary to understand the demands of the public and what they are looking for on the internet. Creativity needs to be in harmonious balance with necessity. Satisfy the needs of customers or followers differently, without losing the main focus: delivering the desired solution.

Thematic queries

There are important occasions throughout the year, with Christmas being one of them. People look for extremely specific products during these special occasions, such as Christmas sweaters, which are specialized items with Christmas themes. Easter is another frequent search occasion, when consumers browse for home decor products with bunnies and eggs.

Unfortunately, 36% of the sites that are in e-commerce do not offer a specialized search structure, so they lose customers because they do not deliver products that can be useful. Therefore, it is a field that e-commerce does not research and in which sales do not continue throughout the year’s memorable dates.

Online problems

Have you ever bought a product online and didn’t like it? If the answer is yes, then how did you solve the problem? Despite the widespread popularity of online sales and purchases through websites and apps, many people still feel uneasy about making purchases through e-commerce because they’re not sure what they should do if they receive a different product or one of questionable quality.

39% of websites do not offer quick and easy solutions for customers, making the product exchange or return scheme exhausting and frustrating. It is equally important to show customer support as it is to sell a product. Not offering customers an exclusive post-purchase space is also a way to lose them, as it harms your credibility.

“Correct searches”

Did you try to buy a product and couldn’t remember the name? This is very common, unfortunately, e-commerce sites do not provide searches by product characteristics. There is only the “correct” search, which must use the same name as the product.

For example, if you want to buy a red electric mixer from 2020, it won’t always be possible to find this type of product by searching for words that describe it. You’ll have to search for the name of the product. Additionally, this results in a loss of clients because so many find it stressful.


E-commerce sites are not used to delivering search results in another language, and the few sites that do are restricted to just two main languages. Those who wish to expand their business and conquer new customers must provide a variety of languages to ensure that sales are not restricted to a specific audience or country.