Characteristic of BOPP Block Bottom Bags

Block Bottom BOPP Bags are made in the shape of a rectangle. The pouch’s bottom is sealed and gusseted from the sides. To enable the pouch to stand up upright on shelves, the bag’s vertical sides have been creased.


  • Weaved fabric made of BOPP laminated PP
  • Rotogravure printing Brick-like form BOPP printing shape; 18 pt.
  • Size: 300-600 mm
  • Size: 430mm to 910mm
  • 80mm-180mm for the bottom width
  • according to requirements.

Type: Mouth is open

Block Bottom BOPP Bags are an excellent replacement for pricey paper bags. The woven polypropylene bags, which have a brick-like shape, are laminated to give them the same vibrant, high-resolution images as all other BOPP bags. It is often used in animal feed, pet food, and other products.


Exceptional Tensile Strength

Both woven polypropylene and BOPP have strong tensile strengths; when these two high-tensile strength materials are coupled, they provide exceptional stability and durability to support up to 50 kg of capacity.

Suitable for Printing

The perfect material for printing labels is BOPP film. Your bags will reach a new level with brilliant photographic printing in up to 10 colors, and reverse printing technique ensures that your brand cannot be scratched off since the image is printed on the inside of the BOPP film.

Suitable Barrier

The BOPP bag’s several walls prevent it from being torn or damaged, and the BOPP lamination layer adds another degree of protection against air and humidity. Additionally, BOPP film is UV-resistant, protecting the food from any possible sun harm.

Completely Modifiable

Numerous other characteristics, such as a matte or glossy finish surface, anti-slipping for high stacking, micro-perforation, a gusset or no gusset, a handle or no handle, and a clear window to inspect the quality of the food within are all possible with a BOPP bag.

environmentally responsible

BOPP bags are a mono-material solution since they are composed completely of the same polypropylene while being a composite. Although they are not biodegradable, they are 100% recyclable and may be used again as a secondary resource after being used as a packaging material.


Because bags are difficult to rip, total costs are reduced. No matter how the items are packed or transported, BOPP bags will keep them safe. Additionally, selling bags that appear nicer might boost sales. In addition to having fewer layers than paper bags, BOPP choices are lighter, saving on both weight and transportation expenses.

Organize and Move a Variety of Materials

These bags are water-resistant and not prone to tears or scratches. This implies that they are a fantastic option for moving and storing a variety products of Bopp bags manufacturer, including chemicals and resins, building supplies, grass, seeds, pet and animal food, and much more.

Efficacious and Reliable Printing

If you wish to print or laminate the bags, they are an excellent option. Because the print endures well in challenging environments, these bags may be readily stacked and arranged in warehouses. You may also request a bag in the color of your choosing from a producer of BOPP bags.


These bags are sturdy and durable, and their water resistance assures that they won’t be harmed by liquids like water, oils, grease, and other things that may affect the bag and its contents.

Enduring bags and their ability to withstand liquids like water, oils, and grease guarantee that neither the bag nor its contents will be harmed by these things.


When it comes to storage and transit, BOPP bags are a terrific choice, but only if you get them from a reputable source.