Storing Data When Upgrading Your Old iPhone To A Latest Unit

iPhones release new units or versions of their phones almost every year or two. If you were already an iOS user and bought a new phone or are interested in purchasing the latest version, you might already know how to keep your data from your old phone to your new phone. You might be familiar with iCloud as it’s the cloud service provided by Apple. It works well with their phone backup as well as for Mac backup. But in this article, we’ll give you other ways to save and transfer your data and mention other cloud services available.

Ways to transfer/store data in your Apple devices

  • QuickStart. This method is to set up a new iPhone or iPad device automatically. It will ask you to activate your cellular service and set up your TouchID and FaceID. It will also ask you how you want to transfer your data. Your data and apps will automatically download if you download from iCloud so that you may use your new iPhone right away. If you move directly from your old device, you must wait for the transfer to finish on both devices before using them.
  • iCloud. Use the iCloud backup of your prior device to transfer your data and paid material to your new smartphone. What’s nice about iCloud is that it makes you choose how to move apps and data to your iPhone. You can select to restore data from iCloud backup, Mac or PC, directly from iPhone and Android. 
  • iTunes or Finder. Transfer the data and content you purchased to your new device from a backup you created with iTunes or Finder. This method is only compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad devices. You should take a few extra steps to complete the transfer to your new iOS or iPadOS device.

Other Cloud Storage Services for iPhone


The ideal iPhone cloud backup. A highly trustworthy cloud backup solution with a unique iOS app. Apple products are well-known for being safe, straightforward, and simple to understand. is one of the most outstanding cloud storage options for Mac and iPhone users because it possesses these qualities. Thanks to a web panel for Mac computers and an app that works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, files are available from any Apple device. is our top pick because of its security measures, which guarantee that users’ data is kept secure and confidential.


Backblaze continuously checks for new or modified files and backs them up for you automatically. There is no need to select specific files or directories because everything will automatically back up. It is available for free download on PC or mobile devices, also known as a top Mac backup solution. Backblaze knows how to create excellent Mac software because some of their team members previously worked at Apple creating exceptional products. Creating top-notch goods is in their DNA. 

Backblaze’s online backup service compatible with both macOS 10.9 and later, so it doesn’t matter which version you have installed. To improve the software, they performed many fantastic stuff, such as reading data just once, slowly scanning the drive, and waiting a while before backing up at boot time.

  • pCloud

A speedy iOS cloud backup. It provides quick connections, apps for all platforms, and live chat assistance available around the clock. PCloud uses iPhone functionalities, including AirDrop for file sharing and AirPrint for printing. It places pCloud in second place, along with its security features. Only its security elements add extra cost. 

Files match in real-time across Mac desktops, iPhones, and iPads thanks to what pCloud calls “instant file synchronization,” according to the company. Software users have two options for manually or automatically adding files to their online storage. By uploading photographs and videos to hold as soon as you take them, that feature helps users save time and effort.