Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining a North Dakota Electrical License

Are you in the process of getting a North Dakota electrical license? If so, you’ve come to the right place. An electrical license is a legal document allowing you to perform electrical work in North Dakota. This legal document is granted by the North Dakota State Electrical Board and must be obtained before you can legally work as an electrician. Are you wondering how you can get your North Dakota Electrical License?

If so, don’t worry, as this guide will break down the steps required to obtain your North Dakota Electrical License and provide some helpful tips.

1. Become an Apprentice

Before becoming a licensed electrician in North Dakota, you must first get an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a paid on-the-job training program that teaches you the skills, safety practices, and laws you need to work as an electrician. An apprenticeship typically lasts two years, during which apprentices must complete 144 hours of classroom training and 8,000 hours of working with a licensed electrician.

2. Pass the Licensing Exam

The next step to obtaining your North Dakota Electrical License is passing the licensing exam. This exam, administered by the State Electrical Board, is designed to test your knowledge of safety, electrical theory, and North Dakota-specific laws and regulations. When you’ve completed your apprenticeship and passed the licensing exam, you’ve taken the first major steps towards obtaining your North Dakota Electrical License.

3. Submit Application and Fees

You need to submit an application and fees to the State Electrical Board to apply for your license officially. This application must be filled out in full, and all related fees must be paid before the Board will consider your application. Once the Board has received and approved your application, you’ll receive a temporary license that allows you to begin working as an electrician in North Dakota.

4. Complete continuing education requirements

It is essential that you keep up with the latest safety and industry standards to maintain your North Dakota Electrical License. The State Electrical Board requires all licensed electricians in North Dakota to complete continuing education courses every two years. These courses can include topics such as electrical safety, new technologies, and the latest industry regulations.

Where to Get Your Continuing Education Credits

The State Electrical Board approves several continuing education providers for its licensees. These providers, like RocketCert, offer online and in-person courses covering electrical safety, electric code standards, and new technologies. It is known for offering high-quality courses that cover the topics required by the Board. You can find a list of approved providers and courses on the State Electrical Board’s website.

In addition to online and in-person continuing education courses, you can obtain your credits through self-study. You can purchase books and study materials from approved providers that cover the necessary topics. After you have completed your self-study, you will need to submit your test results to the Board for approval. RocketCert also offers self-paced courses that can be completed at home.

After completing your continuing education requirements, you can renew your North Dakota Electrical License.


You are now ready to apply for a North Dakota electrical license! Be sure to double-check all of the requirements and documents you need to submit. If you feel ready to take the plunge, apply online at the North Dakota Electrical Board’s website. Good luck!

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