Significance of master numbers in Numerology

Master Numbers in Numerology are 11 and 22. People born on these dates are believed to be blessed with cosmic powers. Master numbers are, therefore, the special numbers that have magical powers to change a life. In Astrology, the planet Rahu controls these numbers, indicative of the Karmik nature. The numbers will positively influence a person and make him more successful in life than others. 

Role of the master numbers 

The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are called the Master Numbers in Numerology. These numbers are made up of 1, 2, and 3 and make up the Enlightenment Triangle.

In a master number, the lower number is considered the dominant number for the first half of a person’s life. This will remain the same until you use the higher number in the latter part of your life. Numerologists consider that a master number implies both adversity and vigorous strength. Therefore, these numbers are believed to provide mixed blessings to a person. If the person gets insight into handling these numbers correctly, his life becomes more productive and prosperous because of the positiveness of the number. 

These master numbers are believed to have potent, and a person can use these numbers to overcome challenging situations. A person born with a master number has an innate strength; if they can use it correctly, the numbers are meant to fill their lives with happiness and success. 

Number 11

Number 11 is one of the master numbers in Numerology and is considered more complicated than the other two master numbers. Numerologists believe this number will bring you into the spotlight, and the number also has an idealistic quality. The person having this number is a compassionate one and has compassion for others. The person is careful of the otters ‘ feelings and sentiments. People with this number are more helpful to others and always ready to help people in their tough times. 

Also, karmic influences are visible in people with this number. If these people take positive measures, they can achieve great things in life. Numerology reading believes that these people can control their destinies. Though they also have an odd character and love to stay in solace. However, the negative aspects of this number are selfishness, extreme sensitivity, and impractical decisions. 

The people born on the 11th of a month generally cling to one component. These people are often found in a dilemma between spirituality and consumerism. There are also chances for these persons to become catastrophic and hazardous. Their greed in them can often be destructive and destroy its purpose for the well-being of humanity.

These people are often more successful as great instructors, spiritualists, politicians, artists, authors, musicians, missionaries, and scientists. Number 11 people are generally not materialists and aim to find peace and harmony in human life. Therefore, their purpose in life is like torchbearers of humanity. 

Number 22

The number 22 is considered to be the master builder. They have a strong desire to dream and achieve great financial success. A reputed numerologist online finds it to be a promising one to provide great success. 

A person born on the 22nd of any month is considered a good leader and organiser. The person has a positive vision and the ability to get fruitful results from their work. They also have immense power, yet sometimes they are terrified to think of their failure in achieving ambitions. As a result, they often leave their work unfinished, and there are chances of abandoning their goals. This might lead them to disappointment, and they give up their dream because they’re afraid of failure. Numerologists advise them to believe in their instincts to achieve success. 

The most successful career for these people is in business and industries. These people are believed to take sensible measures toward expanding it to its full potential.

People having this number as their date of birth have an uncanny ability of intricacy and strategise the whole work accordingly. These people are also patient and love to maintain order in their performance. They have enough expertise to handle any situation systematically and methodologically. Numerology believes these persons are usually one-of-a-kind. They have enough inner strength and keep their own counsel. At the same time, they often become nervous and have serious self-doubts. 

Number 33

The number 33 combines numbers 11 and 22 and helps the other two numbers to make a triangle. 


Therefore, it can be said that the number 11 is the aged soul number, and the primary role of the number 22 in the triangle is as the master mover number. However, you can also take expert suggestions from Astroyogi astrologers and the best numerologist in India to learn more about the functions of Master numbers and how they can influence your life positively.