Short Term Car Insurance

One of the things that worries many people when shopping for auto insurance coverage is getting stuck with a policy for a year. Some people only need short-term car insurance for a month or even less. 

Acquiring auto insurance at a low cost for a couple of months might be hard to find because most insurers want long-term customers. The reality is insurance companies often lose money on short-term policies. The good news is some insurers do offer policies for a month. That is why every day, more people turn to comparison sites to find the type of policy they need for the right amount of time.  

With the increase in rental vehicle costs and the greater need that people have for flexible buying options, it has become more important for insurers to offer coverage for days or even months. Some providers offer drivers incentives like car insurance with the first month free. 

This insurance covers the driver’s liability in the short term; if they get into an accident, they are deemed to be at fault. It is an insurance that allows greater flexibility; You only pay for what you want, and it’s required by law as you can’t drive without insurance, even if it’s just for a few hours. 

Why Take Out Auto Insurance for Only Days of the Week? 

Short-term auto insurance fits into a person’s unique situation. This includes: 

  • A vehicle that needs inspection: If you are going to sell the car in the near future, but you have to take it to pass a smog inspection or for other maintenance, you will need weekly auto insurance. 
  • Car for sale: If you stop paying the insurance while you have it for sale.
  • You don’t know if the vehicle is insured: A recently bought or borrowed car, and you don’t know if it has insurance or not. In this case, it’s smart to get short-term coverage. 
  • Drive the Vehicle on Weekends: For occasional use, like a summer vacation.
  • Agricultural vehicles: These types of vehicles are used in some instances for a short period of time.  
  • Travel abroad: If you go abroad for a few days with a rental car and want to get extra coverage to protect yourself.  
  • You lend the car: You will leave your car with someone who is not listed as the vehicle’s driver.
  • Classic cars: If they are used only for specific or commercial purposes like a car show, you will need to take out insurance for several days.
  • Newly bought a car: You are test-driving a vehicle for a week but are wondering if you are going to buy it. In this scenario, you will need to get weekly citizens car insurance.  

Can Any Vehicle be Insured for Several Days? 

Yes, all types of motor vehicles can be insured for a short period of time. It is especially relevant for vehicles whose use is more limited and has a defined purpose, such as motorhomes, rental cars, tractors, classic cars, and promotional cars. 

What profile does someone need to have to Qualify for Short-Term Auto Insurance? 

• The driver needs to be 21 years old or older 

• Have at least one year of driving experience

• You do not have to be the owner of the vehicle

• Have a valid driver’s license. 

What Does the Insurance Policy Cover for Days or Months?

It has the same policy structure as traditional car insurance purchased for six or twelve months. Coverage often includes:   

• Liability protection up and to the Policies Limits 

• Roadside and Towing On Most Policies 

• Claim Assistance and Support  

Is There Any Difference Between Taking Out Insurance Coverage for Several days and One for Months or Weeks? 

No, there is no pre-existing difference in the policies. The policies will be the same except, of course, for the price. Generally, short-term auto insurance policies will cost more than a six or twelve-month policy. A one-week short-term policy will cost you about double the cost per day than a twelve-month policy.  

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