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SharePoint is an intelligent business collaboration tool that helps you take advantage of the combination of traditional capabilities with efficient and purpose-built solutions.

As teams expand and remote/agile working methods evolve, it’s vital that they stay connected and able to create and share documents and ideas. Created by Microsoft, SharePoint application development allows employees and users to store, edit, download, and share documents from any device and location.

Al Rafay Consulting is a long-established and experienced SharePoint development company. We support our global customers with best-in-class SharePoint development services that help improve business productivity and efficiency.

Our SharePoint Development Services include

SharePoint Consulting :

For more than 12 years, we have provided SharePoint consulting services that enable our global clients to increase employee engagement, facilitate collaboration, and automate business processes.

Design, Usability, and Branding SharePoint:

With our experienced SharePoint design team, we can create rich and engaging SharePoint experiences to improve customer adoption. This includes customization services.

Customized Solutions:

Al Rafay Consulting has extensive experience in developing bespoke SharePoint solutions that are specific to the business needs of companies and that are stable and efficient for the user community.

Integration and Migration:

SharePoint Services providers help organizations increase their production and make them able to take advantage of third-party applications. Our deep technical knowledge helps us handle the migration to the latest versions of the platform.

Workflow and Collaboration Services:

We create workflows and business collaboration solutions by capturing data and using common, standardized, and repeatable business processes, then automating them through workflows.

SharePoint health check :

We offer SharePoint health check services to assess the efficiency of your SharePoint implementation, and experts can easily identify current and potential issues in architecture, security, and performance.

Business Benefits

  • Simplify daily business tasks
  • Deliver a consistent user experience
  • Manage and reuse content with ease
  • Share sensitive information securely
  • Ease and access to business data
  • Offer a single, integrated platform
  • Enable employees to make informed decisions
  • Connect employees with the latest information

Our SharePoint Developers are Experts in:

Our SharePoint team has the experience to build a site from scratch or successfully migrate your existing application to a new environment. We carry out a clear evaluation and analysis before starting your project, making sure that it perfectly fits your needs and requirements.

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Why choose our SharePoint development team?

Our experts offer complete SharePoint software development services, providing our clients with rich, easy-to-use, and flexible solutions that help employees succeed. No matter the size, complexity, or industry, Al Rafay Consulting has the experience and team to help deliver a successful outcome for you, your team, and your business.

  • Continuous support
  • Proactive approach
  • Solutions from start to finish
  • High-quality solutions
  • Profitable development

Why should you use SharePoint for the intranet?

Business organizations need an intranet to improve efficiency and communication, and SharePoint offers a wide range of features that help create a customized infrastructure and support the development of seamless communication between employees. At the same time, it also offers complete control over access rights and document security.

What should be the basic components of a company intranet portal?

The main purpose of an intranet is to automate workflow and help employees manage their tasks effectively. SharePoint helps deliver flexible and productive solutions that can easily integrate with your business and keep your employees connected with ease.

Do we offer Intranet maintenance and Portal support?

Yes, to ensure the smooth operation and security of your intranet portal, we offer support and maintenance services and also help administrators and users understand the solution.

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