Hire a Real Estate Agent to Find the Perfect Missouri Home

Home searches begin with a checklist of all must-haves. Buyers come to real estate agencies with these lists when searching for a home. Agents help buyers with everything from picking prospective properties to scheduling the closing. Home buyers work with real estate agents to get the perfect home for their families.

Get Preapproved by a Lender

Home searches are easier if the buyer gets a preapproval from a lender first. If home shoppers know how much they can spend, a real estate agent can streamline the home search. The agents get a list of all properties in the price range that meet the buyer’s preferences. The practices don’t waste the agent’s or the buyer’s time, and the search goes smoothly.

A preapproval shows the highest loan amount available to the buyer. They can use the information to calculate a budget and find an affordable home. A lender will also show the borrower how much they’ll pay monthly. Buyers also can get information for an insurer to calculate projected homeowner’s insurance premiums.

How Much House Does Your Family Need?

Buyers consider what square footage and rooms they need for their family. Agents often ask how much house does a family needs. All they need to know is how many living spaces are necessary to give the whole family plenty of space. Most homes have at least a living room, kitchen, and dining room plus bedrooms and bathrooms. If the family also entertains, they may need a patio, outdoor kitchen, or a formal dining room.

Larger families need a den to give parents space to watch TV and a place for kids to play and visit with friends. Finished basements offer space for visiting relatives or a game room for teenagers. Agents find properties based the family’s needs.

Find a Home for a Growing Family

Couples with a growing family plan their home search to accommodate future children. They look for homes where they could add more living spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms. Homes with extra rooms or more acreage offer space for these future plans. Agents find homes that are ideal for building upwards. The framing, foundation, and support beams allow for a second story. The strategy won’t comprise the outdoor space, and kids have room to play outside.

Review School Districts and Community Amenities

High-quality schools appeal to home buyers. Parents want the best education for their children and to live in safe neighborhoods. Top-rated school districts offer advanced curriculums and more educational opportunities.

Community amenities include nearby shopping centers, parks, entertainment venues, and attractions. Many buyers want these amenities to give their family plenty to do together. Hospitals, private practices, and other emergency services are highly coveted amenities. Agents review amenity criteria when conducting home searches.

Your Commute to and from Work

The daily commute to work is an important factor when buying a home. New owners don’t want to spend hours in traffic or take forever to get home in the evenings. Daily commute details help buyers find a home near work and shorten the commute. Buying a home is exciting for everyone, but each step is critical to finding the right home. Real estate agents know how to find wonderful homes for every family. Set up an appointment with an agent now and find your forever home.