Men’s shoe tips to stand out at the wedding

Getting married is an important event. Both the bride and groom and their guests feel excited to accompany the beginning of a new family. But for the celebration to yield good memories, it is necessary to consider some essential points, and the look of the day is one of them. Today there is a lot of talk about the best men’s wedding shoes, especially those that offer comfort and style at the same time.

Here it is important to remember that, besides the traditional ceremony in church or at the registry office, some weddings are true parties, with dinners that can last all night long. 

Therefore, the ideal is to invest in a shoe that is in tune with the trends, but that can also make walking easier and ensure that your feet are well accommodated during the event. 

In fact, there are several models of shoes available in specialized stores – some are classic, others are casual. To make it easier for you to choose, we will present the main ones and teach you how to bet on the right version. To find out, stay tuned!

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Prioritize the quality of your men’s wedding shoes

First of all, the men’s wedding shoes should be of the highest quality.

Whether you are the groom, a best man, or a guest, it is necessary that the shoe can offer comfort. After all, there is nothing more unpleasant than attending a special event and, in the end, suffering to walk calmly. 

Therefore, try not to be attached to the value of the shoes, but to their cost-benefit. For example, prioritize the versions made of 100% genuine leather and also analyze the details of the piece. One suggestion is to check if the seams are small and if there is not a very striking finish on the surface. 

At this stage, it is also important to observe the sole. Nowadays, rubber options are lighter and more flexible, absorbing impacts easily. The leather versions, on the other hand, offer greater durability, adapt well to the feet, and help with skin perspiration.

Keep in mind that the model of the shoe counts a lot 

Contrary to what many people believe, men’s shoes are not all the same!

In the best stores, you will have no trouble finding varied models, such as the traditional oxford, brogue, derby, loafer, and even sapato mocassim. However, when it comes to a wedding, the ideal is not to dare and prefer the classic versions. 

The tip is to invest in plain models, which are easy to tie and, preferably, without appliqués. If the event takes place at night, the alternatives with a varnished finish are welcome. Daytime weddings require more discreet, opaque, and properly polished shoes.

Remember to always wear a new shoe in good condition – especially if you are the groom or one of the groomsmen. This is because once you walk down the aisle, your shoes will stand out and all the guests will be able to see your details. 

Don’t ignore the color of your men’s wedding shoes

It’s no secret! To get it right, it is necessary to follow a basic rule. Groomsmen, groomsmen and even guests should choose the color of the shoes according to the shades of their outfits. 

It works like this: imagine you have chosen a navy blue suit for the event. In this case, the ideal request is to opt for a shoe that is also dark, with black versions being the most appropriate. 

On the other hand, let’s suppose your look is lighter, composed of pieces in earthy tones. In these conditions, the recommended shoes are brown, which will help keep the color palette balanced. 

White or colored shoes? No way! Reserve these models for informal occasions, where the dress code is of free choice. 

Analyze the venue before you make the decision

The place where the wedding will take place is a decisive factor in the choice of shoes.Traditionally, classic and formal ceremonies take place in ballrooms and other refined spaces. In such settings, leather models with classic design should be prioritized. Therefore, the tip is to invest in the good old oxford or a derby. 

But let’s be honest. Nowadays, many young couples prefer to have their parties in different places. There are those who hold their wedding on the beach or in the countryside, for example.

When this happens, it is likely that you hardly know which option to bet on, right? In these cases, the recommendation is to consider shoes that carry a cool or informal proposal. These are usually shoes made from suede, such as loafers and docksides.

And it doesn’t end there. There are also modern couples who love to escape from the ordinary. To enchant their guests, they organize their ceremony in places that are not obvious, such as thematic concert halls or even amusement parks. 

In these situations, you can let your creativity speak louder and wear a differentiated shoe, but one that carries a sophisticated proposal. This is the case with sneakers, leather sneakers, and even some mid-calf boots. 

Extra tips for your choice

analyze the invitation of the wedding in question to find instructions or clues about the most appropriate type of attire;

  • Prefer leather soles. They are noble and elegant, i.e. ideal for fine weddings; 
  • Make this choice in advance. Never leave your look until the day before the event;
  • Avoid wearing shoes with a stained finish or with an aged leather look; 
  • Bet on a shoe with a rounded beak to get the design right.

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