How to navigate to the closest grocery store using mobile or desktop

With the pandemic, grocery shopping has changed dramatically. Grocery shopping has become difficult for everyone, with stores and shops opening for limited hours and limited slots available on online delivery apps. COVID restrictions were beneficial in fighting the deadly virus, but there is no deniel in saying that many people faced uneasiness while going to shop daily groceries. Several apps and websites have recently been launched that allow you to find out how long your local grocery stores stay open and where you can order groceries online. Grocery store opening hours available online, so you don’t have any problems getting your daily needs.

Customers can reach out to grocery stores through a different modes. Google Maps and GPS make it easy to locate the nearest and largest supermarkets. Here, navigation works best because there are several routes that lead to the nearest grocery store. You can shop wisely using different methods.

Based on your location, Google Maps, Waze, Siri, and Google Assistant can help you find the nearest supermarket. I tried this simple method, so keep reading till the end!


Google Maps is the most effective tool for locating a nearby grocery store

  1. Open Google Maps on your computer.
  2. Now, in the Search box, type an address or the name of a nearby area where you want to find a grocery store, and then press Enter.
  3. Next, select the Nearby tab to look for a ‘Grocery store near me.’
  4. Enter “grocery stores” in the Search box and press Enter.
  5. The website will display all of the grocery stores that are open in your area, along with their addresses.
  6. You can also press directions to get complete grocery store directions.

Using Mobile Voice Search, locate a nearby supermarket.

The best way is to operate mobile search with “open supermarket near me.” This is the most direct route to the nearest supermarket. To get there, use your phone’s voice search and follow the instructions.

You should first open your mobile device’s app store and then download Google Maps.
You can use the application in the future after downloading it for free. Now, in Google Maps’ search bar, type in the closets grocery store.
The next step is to choose the specific grocery store you want to visit, because Maps are already populated with relevant information when you visit a nearby store, so you’ll have to choose from among them.
Then, from the menu, select Navigate by clicking the Navigate option.
To use Google Maps, simply ensure that your mobile device is connected to the internet.


You can also use apps like Stillopen to locate nearby grocery stores that are open. To find grocery stores near you, use the Stillopen website and follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Begin by visiting the website
  2. The website will then ask for your location. Allow it and it will detect your location automatically.
  3. The website will then prompt you to make a donation to the PM Cares fund or share the page with your friends.
  4. It will then ask you to find the service you are looking for.
  5. Then just type and see if the items are available.
  6. The app also provides directions to nearby stores and shopping centres.
  7. By clicking the ‘Update’ button, you can also provide feedback on the stores.