Mobile Learning and Students

Mobile learning has become the fastest medium. It is the result of evolution in technology which keeps happening every second. But just like any other thing there are advantages and disadvantages of Mobile learning also. So, let’s understand these details about mobile learning in this article. Mobile learning is very popular these days. According to ERP another name of mobile learning is m-learning and it is the best and easiest way to get access to the variety of educational material available online through the use of android mobile. It is the easiest way these days for the students and learners to get guidance and help whenever they want regarding their course and curriculum. Very few institutes which are focused on progressive concept of education are providing android mobiles, tablets and laptops to the students in order to give a technological boost to their online education. There are various educational apps available online and they are gaining huge popularity among the learners and students. Today mobile learning has become the medium of providing training sessions to corporate people also. Mobile learning is that boon to the students that has solved many issues related to education and has provided students an opportunity to attain education according to their wish. As mobile learning is learning from mobile via the internet and one keeps the mobile always with him or her, hence, it can be used anytime from any corner of the world. Mobile learning has provided wings to the dreams from every corner of the world.

A student can open his mobile and tablet anywhere because they are easy to carry and via online or through flash drives the student can study whatever he wants. People never leave home without a mobile hence such a device which is so essential for humans. Mobile learning has made the term accessibility very easily available for the students. A student can continue his studies even after school or college and he has no dependability on libraries because mobile learning has provided a 24×7 library to the student with unlimited resources to provide information related to any field. As it is mentioned at the beginning of this article that most of the time owners of mobiles always keep their mobiles with them. That means they carry a medium or tool of learning all the time with them. They have the freedom to attend their studies anytime & anywhere. Mobile learning is a medium where most of the time learners can gain proper feedback for their performance which is quite rare other than this medium. 

If we talk about students then it is obvious that two students can’t be the same in the matter of intelligence hence their grasping power will also be different. M-learning provides ample amount of career opportunities to the students who want to earn while studying, like captcha typing, content writing & data entry. The best part of m-learning is it hardly concerns distance for learning. For example, a learner who belongs to India & wants to learn a course which is available only in a university of London and he is not affluent enough to go there then this huge distance matters nothing in m-learning. He can learn the same course from the same university of London very easily sitting in India via m-learning.

LMS says that earlier the classroom used to be teacher-centered but these days there is so much variety of content that students don’t have to depend upon a single source of information and knowledge and now they can perform research by themselves and grab the best content online. In this way their dependency on a human particularly or any other source got finished and now they are independent to get the best study material. There are many online educational apps and websites which organize quizzes and competitions of various types from time to time. Students also participate in them very enthusiastically and enjoy participating as well as learning from such competitions. Such activities organized online encourage students to keep on learning.