Looking for a job in AI? These are the top five states hiring most in artificial intelligence.

The landscape of artificial intelligence is constantly changing. With more possibilities now than ever, jobs are opening up across the globe. Whether you are exploring a career in AI or thinking about transitioning to a new state, there are certain places more equipped with AI jobs than others.

Versa Networks recently analyzed 2022 LinkedIn data to map the U.S. states with the most job postings on the career platform. To find where the most artificial intelligence jobs are located, the researchers collected data according to the number of full and part-time positions, whether workers had to be on-site or work remotely, the number of jobs available for each experience level (i.e., internship, entry, associate, mid-senior, director, and executive), and the industries with the most availability.

Want to land a job in AI? Check out these states with the most job postings in 2022.

1.       California

Number of open positions: 14,637

2.       Texas

Number of open positions: 6,966

3.       New York

Number of open positions: 6,249

4.       Washington

Number of open positions: 6,235

5.       Virginia

Number of open positions: 5,326

You can check out the full list of states here.