Individual battery types

The lithium-ion motorcycle battery is up to 80 percent lighter than other batteries and is compactly installed. It scores with a low self-discharge. Due to their low weight, electric longboards cheap they are particularly interesting for riders of sports motorcycles. Lithium batteries also have a long service life – compared to around 300 times the ability to charge acid and gel motorcycle batteries 12 V from well-known manufacturers such as Varta or Intact, lithium batteries last up to 2000 charging cycles. However, their performance at cold starts below 0° C is often poor.

In our table we have once again listed the pluses and minuses of the different types for you:

Refillable acid battery

  • Suitable all year round: perfect cold start behavior even at -20° C
  • Robust: suitable for frequent drivers
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • High monthly self-discharge
  • Heavy, weighing up to 7 kilograms
  • The ventilation hose must be connected to the motorcycle

MF maintenance-free acid batteries

  • Also good cold start behavior
  • Monthly self-discharge is in the midfield
  • Service life up to 300 charging cycles
  • The solution does not need to be refilled
  • Up to 7 kg weight
  • Installation position freely selectable

Lithium motorcycle battery

  • Low monthly self-discharge
  • Service life up to 2,000 charging cycles
  • Particularly light with a maximum of 1 kg
  • Can be installed as desired
  • Expensive when buying

Gel batteries have a lot to offer

Without maintenance comes the gel motorcycle battery. best electric longboards they are completely finished and can be installed in any position – but are also almost three times as expensive as conventional batteries for the motorcycle. The solution in the battery is converted into a viscous gel by means of silica or by plates of fleece or glass fiber. After a single filling, the solution remains in the battery. We have once again collected the advantages and disadvantages of a gel battery compared to AGM batteries for you:


  • Lower weight
  • Less exhaust gas: environmentally friendly


  • Faster self-charging
  • Less good behavior during a cold start
  • Expensive to buy