Importance of Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

It’s a no-brainer that safety on construction sites is a must; and having proper restroom facilities and sanitation is no exception to this rule.

Construction sites are full of a lot of movement and commotion, with a lot of people, heavy machinery, and equipment being moved around constantly.  Because of this, safety on job sites should always be a priority. Proper safety measures are extremely important to decrease workplace injuries and accidents.

Part of construction site safety includes having adequate restrooms, such as porta potties or restroom trailers, and handwash stations. In order to create a safe workplace for your construction workers, start by understanding common dangers and hazards around a job site.

Common Hazards on Job Sites

Common dangers that affect site safety during a construction project are falls and falling debris. But, did you know that proper waste management is also extremely important to protecting the health and safety of your employees. Debris and construction waste can be hazardous to health, especially when they are not disposed of quickly. Not all materials are hazardous, but if not disposed of properly, it can cause health, water, and environmental hazards, as well as construction accidents. So during construction, can be a big help for sourcing a dumpster.

Did you know that falls are the most cause of workplace injury on a construction site? All construction sites must have fall protection for workers that are six feet or more above the ground. In addition, employees should be trained on how to properly use ladders, stairways, and scaffolding in order to prevent dangerous falls.

Falling debris is another huge concern on job sites. Therefore, people working on the job site must be protected from falling objects and debris. Protective clothing and equipment such as hard hats, safety goggles, masks, gloves and steel-toed boots will greatly reduce risk of injury on a job site.

Porta Potty Rentals for Construction Sites

Another huge part of safety on construction sites having proper sanitation. In order to maintain a sanitary work site, portable restrooms are one of the easiest ways to manage waste and sanitation on a job site.

Construction projects can last for an extended period of time. During this period, the site will see a lot of foot traffic. A large part of keeping a clean and safe work area is through restrooms.

In remote areas, porta potty rentals are the best and easiest way to offer proper bathroom facilities for workers. OSHA sets requirements on how many toilets that must be available on your job site for employees to use. It is important to note that the requirements set by OSHA are the MINIMUM number of restrooms required.

How many porta-potty rentals do I need?

OSHA outlines current sanitation requires. The number of bathrooms you need is dependent on the number of employees on the site. Current regulations require at least:

  • One bathroom for 20 employees or less
  • One bathroom and one urinal for every 40 employees
  • One bathroom and one urinal for every 50 employees if you have over 200 employees

However, the above numbers only represent the minimum requirement. In order to provide a comfortable work environment for you workers, more than OSHAs requirements are recommended. Adding more toilets will reduce the amount of time it takes for workers to go. We currently recommend that there is at least 1 toilet for every 10 people.

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