IgTok : A Powerful Tool to Improve Your Social Media Reach

Everybody wants to be famous and that too on social media nowadays. The whole concept revolves around who has more number of followers, the one with much number of followers is considered as a famous personality. You too want to gain an immense amount of followers for your instagram and tik tok social media accounts but don’t knoe how then don’t worry Igtok is the right app for you with the help of which one can gain followers that too instantly. The app offers both free as well paid version of services which has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll discuss that briefly in the later part of the blog.

Igtok: An Overview

Igtok is an online platform which offers you a great deal of variety of options to choose from for you to increase your engagement and eventually increase your popularity. Its a very helpful tool which offers you free followers, likes, views and much more for your instagram and tiktok accounts. Like any other instagram follower increaser tool the added advantage with Igtok is that its reach to tiktok as well.

Igtok vows to give you limitless followers on Instagram and tiktok for nothing. The site asks you to enter your name, email address, and telephone number and afterward gives a rundown of potential followers who are probably going to follow you. You can then decide to follow these followers or not. Whenever you have followed somebody, igtok will send them a follow demand for your sake.

The options offered for Instagram are as follows: –

  • Follower
  • Like
  • Video Views
  • Profile Views
  • Story Views
  • Explore Views
  • IGTV Views
  • IGTV Like

The options offered for TikTok are as follows: –

  • Views
  • Followers
  • Likes

Igtok packages include high quality followers with fast turn around time and that too without any password required. The packages can range anywhere from $3 to $100 depending on the number of followers or views or likes ordered. For instance, you could burn about $7 for 50k Instagram sees. The bigger the number, the more cash should be paid. Getting 1 million Instagram viewable impressions requires about paying $30. It likewise offers 5k Instagram following at $36 and 1k Instagram followers at $10. You can likewise get 500 follower fans by burning about $5.

If you are tight on budget then you can always look out for the free service version of igtok which has certain limit on the number of followers or likes or views for certain duration but any eligible person can try out their services absolutely free of cost without any boundations.

Alternatively, for free followers you can follow the following steps:

1: Open your browser and type in the search

2: Once the site loads, decide the service you want to select

3: After service selected you’ll be prompted to enter you instagram/tiktok account ID. Fill that correctly.

4: Last but not least, click submit button and wait and repeat the process until you get your desired number of likes/views/followers for your social media account.


-igtok offers different elements that can assist you with developing your record rapidly and without any problem.

-The application is not difficult to utilize and direct, going with it an incredible decision for first time Instagram clients.

-You can get limitless followers making it an incredible worth choice.

-The followers you procure through igtok are probably going to be top notch followers who will uphold your record development and growth.


-There are a few expected downsides to utilizing igtok, including the chance of getting phony or bad quality supporters.

-IGTK is an application that requires a functioning Instagram account to utilize it. This may not be reasonable for accounts that only need periodic followings or those that don’t approach a PC/system.


Igtok is an instagram/tiktok account reach builder which can support you to reach you target goals in terms of followers/views/likes. It can help you expand you profile reach and engagement which will ultimately help you gain popularity. If you aim gain reach in short span of time then its advisable to use igtok but else if your plan includes organic reach then its advisable to avoid any platforms like igtok.

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