What all you need to know about Piso Wifi and the Piso Wifi Pause

One of the most famous Internet Service Provider of today’s era is Piso Wifi whose parent company is PISONET. Only about mere 5-6 years have been gone since its inception but due to its performability and high credibility, it is at its top notch high demand life era in Philippines. There’s no doubt that Piso Wifi is among the top wifi solution providers for these reasons. Piso Wifi

The unique feature of Piso is that its based on coins. Philippines users can use the internet using coins. If one is unable to buy a wifi, he/she doesn’t need to worry, you can simply rent the piso wifi on a timely basis.

The concept of Piso wifi is very simple and unique. You must purchase a subscription plan first for you to access the wifi properly. The plan is usually a time based concept, the more you consume your time the more fastly you empty your subscription. This approach usually leads to time wastage and waste of money as some people don’t want to use all their time at once. Fixing this problem comes a solution of pausing the time for your internet connection when not in use. Piso WiFi pause time is the point at which you can pause your web association for quite a while. Then, you can continue your access whenever. This is perfect for public WiFi organizations, where you might be familiar with commercials and same like different interruptions.

Configuring Piso Pause Time:

You can simply follow the following steps to access the admin settings and using the piso wifi pause option for your benefit. Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Open the browser in your smartphone/tablet/PC/laptop

Step 2: Type in your browser’s address bar and press enter

Step 3: Enter your login information, the one’s you used to buy the subscription plan with.

Step 4: You must be now in the main dashboard screen with multiple options available to you. On the top left corner you’ll see general settings.

Step 5: Once in the general settings, you’ll see the option for pause time. Click on it to enable it, and then close your browser.

Step 6: Once again open the browser and visit from your browser’s address bar. This time your dashboard will look different with you being able to see an additional option to pause your time.

Step 7: Now you can click on pause time option easily from this dashboard on your browser anytime you want.

Alternatively, to utilize Piso WiFi Delay Time, you can also install an application that will set off the pause when the gadget can’t get be connected to the internet source. This application will likewise work with any gadget that can interface with the web utilizing a wifi. Install Piso WiFi Respite Time app onto your gadget and feel in the many advantages. 

During this paused time, you might see “” codes in your web browser. This is the confidential private IP address of your Piso Wireless association. These addresses can’t be directed through the web. In this way, you’ll have to check in the event that the IP address and the SSID are something similar, and change the settings likewise. On the other hand, you can utilize the AdoPisoWifiWifi programming to remotely deal with your Piso WiFi gadget. You’ll require a high Internet speed and AdoPiSoft.


You can deal with the time pausing to manage with the Piso transmission capacity, clients and other time-related components.

WiFi pausing is an important component in the Piso dashboard. If you don’t believe your data capacity should end, you can go for the WiFi stop choices. With the assistance of this element, you can decide to permit or refuse a user from getting to your Piso WiFi.

The main task is to plan the pause timing. You can utilize this to pause Wi-Fi just for a specific gadget, a gathering of gadgets, or the whole organization. You can name your delay plan and select the days you need to stop it. The stopped time is blue when chosen. At the point when the timetable has been finished, the gadgets will continue utilizing the web.

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