How to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the current fashion trends is difficult. On Project Runway, Heidi Klum would comment, “In fashion, you’re in one day and out the next.” Discover what sites to turn to for the latest in fashion trends, such as what months to watch out for fashion-wise, new emerging star designers, and how to spot current trends before anybody else by following this useful guidance.

Fashion Week is the best time to see what’s new in fashion. Nevertheless fashion and its trends are pushed into throats of fashion-savvy persons by many ways. Television series are one of the viable modes of popularizing such modes.  Yellowstone series has brought to the fore its line of clothing used in series, such as Kelly Reilly Blanket Yellowstone Blue Beth Dutton Coat.  

It is quite tough to obtain an invitation, but fortunately, numerous sites broadcast these fashion events live online for free. These shows will be covered by major fashion influencers and style magazines in various capacities, so keep an eye on them throughout these times.

Subscriptions to the Best Fashion Magazines

These newspapers feature advertisements from all of the biggest fashion designers, as well as their most recent products. These periodicals usually offer interviews with a variety of fashion designers, and their content is quite helpful in identifying the most recent fashion trends.

Vogue, InStyle, ELLE, W Magazine, and Harper’s BAZAAR are some of the best fashion publications to stock up on.

Shop at Fashion-Leading Stores

You must know where to shop if you want to keep up with fashion trends. Certain stores always carry the most up-to-date fashions, and their buyers know just which items to stock. Even if you have no intention of purchasing any of the expensive products displayed, you are now aware of the latest fashion trends and what types of clothing to seek out elsewhere.

Use Celebrity Styles as Inspiration

Pay attention to what celebrities are wearing. Yellowstone series, has popularized its outfits, which have been worn by one character or another – Yellowstone TV Series John Dutton Gray Wool Jacket is one such amazing piece of clothing used in this western drama series.

Designers frequently give their products to celebrities in the hopes that they would wear them and therefore gain exposure for the designer. When an outfit gets viral, everyone is wearing it and talking about it. 

The Television Series Yellowstone

We didn’t start viewing Yellowstone until we bought a vacation house in Park City, Utah. Our Park City pals informed us all about the show and where it was shot in the city. When Kevin was in town filming the show, they even went golfing with him! He comes out as really personable!

The drama follows Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, who wears what is known as Yellowstone rip wheeler cotton jacket , and his family as they battle to rescue their enormous Montana ranch from a native population and land developers who want to take it away.

Yellowstone-inspired Western ensemble

I enjoy watching this show and wondered what I would have in my closet that would be appropriate for this blog post. My skirt and blazer are both more than three years old. I bought the jacket at Chico’s on the clearance rack for $19.99 and never worn it! Chico’s has another sale rack item, this time a skirt. The blouse was purchased during another Chico’s shopping trip in February. Ralph Lauren’s Conch belt is the oldest piece I’m wearing right now. Only the hat and boots are fresh additions to this ensemble.

The Breeze Hat from the American Hat Makers

Have you heard of American Hat Makers, a California-based family business? Every hat is made by hand, something they take pride in. The Breeze Sun Hat is available in five hues, including copper to match my belt. They feature a hat sizing chart to help you get the right fit for your head. I’m wearing a medium in this outfit.

The Snakeskin Boots

I don’t have any cowboy boots, but I do have two pairs of snakeskin boots that match the skirt perfectly. Baretraps Shoes’ snakeskin boots were featured lately on my blog.

Native American Jewelry

When I wear western clothing, I constantly think about Native American jewelry. Beautiful turquoise jewelry and a plethora of artisan sterling silver jewelry are excellent western dress accessories. Because my turquoise necklaces clashed with the jacket, I chose this olive stone necklace instead. I’ve had this concha belt in my closet for almost ten years. It’s a timeless piece that goes with everything! If you don’t have access to a concha belt, any wide belt will suffice.

As a Minnesotan, I thought I’d end this post by flinging my hat in the air, much like Mary Tyler Moore did on her Minneapolis-based television show!

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